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Diana Rattray

Contact Your Guide, Southern Cuisine

By Diana Rattray

    If you can't find it, the Southern Food Forum and our Facebook Page are good places to ask. People who check into the forum or Facebook page are always happy to help, and you're likely to get input from a variety of voices.

    Like all the Guides at About.com, I'm a real person. You can email me at southernfood@aboutguide.com

    Can someone help me find a recipe for... ?
    The site search is the best place to start, then the forum or our Facebook Page, where others might be able to help. If all else fails, I'll add the request to our weekly newsletter. Note: Unless you're searching for the exact name of a recipe be sure to put the word AND between keywords (chicken AND mushrooms).
    I'd like to send my own version of a favorite recipe. How can I do that?
    Use the Recipe Submission Form to type in your recipe title, ingredients, and directions, or paste it into the form.

    Where can I get permission to reprint a recipe?
    There's a Reprint Request Form for that. Just fill out your information, along with the article you'd like to use, where you'd like to use it, and fill out any other applicable areas.

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