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Cajun Cuisine

A tribute to this unique and wonderful regional cuisine


"First, you make a roux," is the standard opening line for many Louisiana recipes. There's no denying the French heritage in Louisiana cuisine, Cajun cuisine in particular. Because of the scarcity of many things in early Louisiana, the Cajun roux was made with oil and flour and a bisque made without cream, a far cry from the French version of butter, flour, and cream.

According to Mathe Allain from the Center for Louisiana Studies, beef was tough and fibrous before the twentieth century. The French grillade, broiled meat, became beef steak cubes in a rich gravy and served over rice. Chickens were not eaten until past their laying times, thus the tenderizing gumbos and fricassees.

Like the poor Southerners of the nineteenth century, the Cajun diet depended on what was available -- cornbread, molasses, salted meat and beans, and greens in season. Only people living along the coast had seafood, and rice -- now a daily staple -- wasn't introduced until near the end of the nineteenth century. Foods like crawfish, and the popular seasoning mixture of onions, celery, and green peppers were not widely used until the twentieth century, but have fast become a tradition.

Chefs like Paul Prudhomme, John Folse, Justin Wilson, and Emeril Lagasse have certainly played a big part in bringing Louisiana cuisine to all of us through cookbooks, products, and television. Enjoy this wonderful cuisine, whether you're planning a Mardi Gras feast or just want to cook a unique and wonderful American regional dish for your family.


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