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Top 20 Chicken Casserole Recipes

Twenty Chicken Casserole Favorites


Chicken, Kale and Pasta Bake

Chicken, Kale and Pasta Bake

Diana Rattray
Libby's Chicken Rice Casserole

Libby's Chicken Rice Casserole

Diana Rattray
Chicken and Spinach Bake

Chicken and spinach bake

Diana Rattray

Here are 20 of the most popular chicken casserole recipes on this site, including extra-easy casseroles made with condensed soups and several made with homemade sauces. Most of these casseroles are easy to put together, making them great everyday family meals.


1. Chicken and Spinach Bake
In this easy chicken and spinach bake, chicken breasts are simply baked on a bed of spinach with a tomato and green onion topping. Add Cajun or Creole seasonings to the chicken breasts, or use your own favorite seasoning blend.

2. Savory Chicken Noodle Bake
This tasty chicken noodle bake is easy to prepare and makes a great weeknight meal for the family.

3. Chicken and Macaroni Bake
The Gouda cheese in this flavorful casserole can be replaced with a sharp Cheddar cheese. I have used packaged roasted chicken cubes or pre-cooked rotisserie chicken in this when pressed for time.

4. Libby's Chicken and Rice Casserole
This flavorful casserole is easy to prepare and bake with rice, boneless chicken breasts, and onion soup mix.

5. Chicken, Kale, and Pasta Bake With Cheese
This is a great tasting, hearty dish made with pasta, diced cooked chicken, and frozen kale or spinach. The sauce is a white sauce with Cheddar cheese. Use casarecce pasta in this recipe, or use campanelle, penne, or macaroni.

6. Chicken Wild Rice Casserole
A tasty chicken casserole recipe made with packaged long grain and wild rice, along with seasonings, mushrooms, and chopped vegetables.

7. Chicken Rice Divan Bake
This chicken and broccoli recipe is made with rice, cheddar cheese, and cooked cubed chicken. A chicken broccoli divan recipe with rice.

8. Chicken and Dressing Casserole
This chicken casserole is easy to prepare, with cooked chicken, stuffing mix, cream of mushroom and cream of celery soups, and shredded cheese.

9. Scalloped Chicken
This scalloped chicken casserole is made with cooked chicken, mushrooms, almonds, cooked rice, and a homemade sauce made with chicken broth, flour, and butter.

10. Easy Chicken Gemelli Pasta Bake
This is an easy chicken casserole to prepare and bake, and it makes an excellent meal with a salad or sliced tomatoes. Poach the chicken the day before to cut down on prep time. Use gemelli, fusilli, or rotini in this easy dish.

11. Chicken and Vegetable Casserole
This is a versatile chicken casserole recipe with your favorite frozen cooked vegetables. Use peas and carrots, green beans, or other vegetables in this easy chicken casserole.

12. Chicken Florentine
Florentine chicken recipe is made with cooked spinach and chicken in a creamy sauce with cream and basil. Tasty recipe for baked chicken with spinach and cream sauce made with butter and half and half.

13. Homemade Chicken and Biscuits
Even though it's completely homemade, this great tasting chicken and biscuits recipe is surprisingly easy to prepare, and it cooks quickly.

14. Southern Chicken Casserole
If you're looking for a home cooked chicken casserole with vegetables, this is an excellent choice. Serve this one-dish meal with sliced fresh vegetables or a green salad.

15. Easy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole
This great tasting chicken and broccoli casserole is a snap to prepare and bake, and it makes a great meal for a busy day.

16. Southwestern Chicken and Rice Bake
The whole family will love this spicy chicken and rice casserole. Black beans, diced cooked chicken, tomatoes, and cheese are among the ingredients.

17. Chicken Enchiladas Recipe
This chicken enchilada casserole recipe is made with sour cream, diced chicken, mushrooms,peppers, tortillas, cheese, and seasonings. Start this casserole about 1 hour before serving time.

18. Chicken Tortilla Bake
In this chicken casserole, tortillas are layered with seasoned tomato sauce, sour cream, cheese, and cooked chicken.

19. Herbed Chicken Casserole
This easy chicken casserole is made with chicken breasts, cream of chicken soup, mushrooms, herbs, and other ingredients. An herbed chicken casserole recipe.

20. Macaroni and Chicken Casserole
This chicken casserole is made with cooked chicken, macaroni, onion, olives, Cheddar cheese, sour cream, green bell pepper, bread crumbs, and seasonings.

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