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Chicken Breast Recipes

Great-Tasting Chicken Dishes Using Boneless Chicken Breasts


chicken and spinach bake
Chicken and Spinach Bake Photo: Diana Rattray
Chicken With Bacon
Chicken With Bacon Photo: Diana Rattray
Chicken With Bacon and Pepper Jack Cheese
Chicken, Bacon, Cheese Photo: Diana Rattray

Boneless chicken breasts fit into almost any meal plan, and they're economical, low in fat, and easy to prepare. If you can't find boneless chicken breasts on sale, the packaged frozen ones available in most stores are usually a real value. They're perfect for salads, skillet dinners, casseroles and pasta dishes, and do well in many crockpot dishes.

Several of the recipes below are family favorites sent in by friends and readers, and be sure to take a look at the main Chicken Breast Recipes Index and other chicken recipe pages listed below for hundreds of tasty chicken recipes. Enjoy!

Chicken Recipes
Creamy Chicken With Mushrooms
Serve this easy, delicious chicken dish over rice or split biscuits for a wonderful family meal. Serve along with a tossed salad or sliced fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

Chicken Marsala Recipe
This quick and easy skillet chicken recipe is always a favorite, and it's a snap to prepare.

Chicken With Creamy Herb Sauce
A savory Boursin sauce with mushrooms and herbs goes so well with the simple sauteed chicken breasts. Serve this dish with rice or noodles for a delicious meal.

Easy Oven Barbecued Chicken Breasts
This easy chicken recipe is a snap to prepare and bake with a quick homemade barbecue sauce. Serve the easy barbecued chicken with potatoes or potato salad and sliced fresh vegetables for a quick and tasty family meal.

Creamy Basil Chicken With Pesto and Cream
This is a quick and easy skillet chicken to prepare any day of the week. Serve this chicken with hot cooked rice or pasta, along with sliced tomatoes or a tossed salad.

Easy Raspberry Orange Chicken
Seedless raspberry jam and a little orange juice and vinegar make a flavorful sauce for this quick and easy chicken.

Chicken Mozzarella Bake
Boneless chicken breasts are lightly browned then baked with mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. A quick and delicious chicken recipe, with boneless chicken breasts and cheese. The wine adds extra flavor, but chicken broth will work as well.

Chicken With Garlic Cream Sauce
Serve this creamy chicken with hot cooked spaghetti, angel hair pasta, or rice.

Chicken With Havarti Cheese Sauce
This boneless chicken breast recipe is easy and delicious. Serve this havarti cheese chicken with roasted potatoes or rice, along with your favorite vegetables.

Chicken With Cranberries and Orange Sauce
An easy orange chicken recipe using boneless chicken breasts. Replace the Cointreau or Grand Marnier with chicken broth or more orange juice, if you like.

Spicy Citrus Chicken
Serve this lively, flavorful chicken with hot cooked rice and steamed broccoli or your family's favorite vegetable.

Curried Chicken With Rice
Chicken breasts with a tasty sauce made with apples, onions, curry powder, chutney, cream, dried cranberries, and chicken broth. A flavorful chicken curry recipe.

Spicy Oven Fried Chicken Breasts
A delicious combination of spices and bread crumbs adds spicy flavor to these easy oven-fried chicken breasts.

Buffalo Chicken Strips
Serve these delicious spicy and crispy oven fried chicken strips for an everyday meal with fries and a side vegetable. Or, double the recipe and make them for a game day snack or party. This easy recipe makes about 20 to 24 chicken strips, enough for a meal for four. They're wonderful with the included Buffalo aioli, or serve with your favorite blue cheese dip.

Garlic Chicken and Shrimp
Serve this nicely seasoned garlic chicken and shrimp recipe with hot cooked pasta, or try it over hot boiled rice.

Skillet Chicken With Apricots
Peaches can easily be substituted for the apricots in this tasty dish, or use canned apricots and less sugar.

Spicy Cajun Chicken and Pasta
This Cajun chicken and pasta skillet dish is quick and easy to prepare. It's made with diced cooked chicken, spicy Cajun seasonings and cayenne pepper, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and a variety of vegetables. Poach or roast chicken breasts for this tasty recipe.

Chicken With Bacon
This delightful chicken and bacon skillet is a cinch to fix, and makes a fabulous meal with hot cooked rice or noodles.

Chicken and Artichoke Bake
Use flavorful oven-roasted tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes in this tasty chicken recipe. To roast tomatoes, cut plum tomatoes into wedges, sprinkle with salt and pepper, place on a foil-lined baking sheet, and roast at 250° for about 3 to 4 hours.

Chicken and Spinach Bake
In this easy chicken and spinach bake, chicken breasts are simply baked on a bed of spinach with a tomato and green onion topping. Add Cajun or Creole seasonings to the chicken breasts, or use your own favorite seasoning blend.

Marmalade Chicken With Small White Onions
Marmalade and vinegar make this chicken a little sweet and a little tangy. Serve this delicious chicken with rice and a green leafy vegetable.

Chicken With Parmesan Coating and Mozzarella Sauce
This is an easy dinner to prepare, and it's relatively low in fat if you use the lower amounts of cheese. If you're short on time, use seasoned fine dry bread crumbs and a little Parmesan for the coating.

Easy Cajun Spiced Chicken Breasts
This easy chicken recipe is made with Cajun spices, chicken breasts, and a little vegetable oil. Plan to make this about 1 hour before you begin to cook.

Chicken Tenders With Marsala Sauce
A spirited Marsala wine sauce flavors these quick and easy chicken tenders or chicken breast strips. Grape tomatoes give this well-seasoned chicken dish extra color and flavor.

Honey Mustard Chicken Breasts
Serve these tasty chicken breasts with rice and a tossed green salad or steamed vegetables.

Chicken With Boursin Cheese Sauce
This easy chicken is tasty with rice, or use the pasta of your choice. Feel free to use sliced asparagus instead of peas, or use another vegetable.

Creamy Chicken Marsala
This is a flavorful, creamy chicken recipe, made with Marsala wine, cream, and mushrooms. It makes an easy and delicious meal with rice or noodles.

Chicken Tenders With Marsala Sauce
Use chicken tenders or chicken breast strips or cutlets in this nicely seasoned chicken Marsala recipe. The chicken is cooked in just minutes with a tasty garlic and Marsala wine sauce, and is finished with grape tomatoes for color and flavor.

Chicken With Bacon and Pepper Jack Cheese
In this recipe, chicken breasts are browned then baked with a barbecue sauce, bacon, and cheese topping. This easy chicken recipe is great with a potato salad and baked beans.

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