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Tips for making delicious fried chicken

Fried Chicken Tips


  • Dip chicken pieces in evaporated milk mixed with a little egg before dipping in the dry coating mixture.


  • Use a plastic or brown paper bag to coat the chicken with the dry coating mixture.


  • Add some fiber (and texture) by adding bran or wheat germ to your coating mixture.


  • To make the coating stick better, refrigerate the coated chicken (uncovered) for 30 to 60 minutes before frying.


  • Try cracker meal or unsweetened cereals for coating mixtures.


  • For super crispy fried chicken, use half flour and half cornstarch, with your usual seasonings and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.


  • For a dry crispy coating, fry until browned, then finish cooking in a 350° oven.


  • Younger chickens, broilers, capons, fryers, roasters and game hens are best for frying.


  • Parts of the chicken you're not using should be put in a pot with some parsley, carrots, and water to cover. Simmer until the liquid is reduced by half, then strain and refrigerate. When chilled, skim the fat off the top and use in sauces and soups, or freeze for future use.

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