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Butter Cookies

Shortbread and a variety of butter cookies


Christmas cookies with recipes

Christmas Cookies

D. Rattray
Here are several recipes for delicious and buttery holiday cookies. A cut-out or molded shortbread made with brown sugar, chocolate cut-out cookies, two-tone pinwheel cookies, refrigerator cookies with ground chocolate or nuts, and several others.

See the index to the right for links to more cookie recipes, along with tips for baking, mailing, and decorating cookies.


Glazed Butter Cookies
Icebox cookies are baked, cooled, then glazed with chocolate chip glaze. Make them even more festive with chopped nuts or coconut.

Shortbread Cookies
Made with only four ingredients and a pinch of salt, these shortbread cookies can be cut out with cookie cutters or shaped into balls and rolled in nuts.

Chocolate Cut-Outs
These chocolate cut-outs are delicious with vanilla icing, or roll them thin to make sandwich cookies with your favorite icing as filling.

Easy Butter Almond Cookies
Easy butter cookies are shaped then topped with an almond half before baking. Makes about 6 dozen cookies.

Cinnamon Cookies
Cinnamon butter cookies are shaped into small balls, rolled in cinnamon sugar mixture, then baked.

These festive cookies looks very special, but they're really very easy. This recipe can also be used to make checkerboard or marbled cookies.

Chocolate Chip Icebox Cookies
Chop or grind chocolate chips for a freckled look, or stir in ground pecans or almonds. These are great cookies to make in advance and bake a little at a time.

Meltaway Butter Cookies
Heavenly little cookies made with almond and vanilla extract, confectioners' sugar, and colored sugar if you want a fancier look.

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