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Ice Cream Recipes and Ice Cream Making Tips

Tips and recipes for ice cream and sauces


Pecan Praline Ice Cream

Pecan Praline Ice Cream

Photo: Diana Rattray

Featured Ice Cream Recipes


Homemade ice cream is delicious and easy to make with or without an ice cream maker. Ice cream makers come in a variety of styles, from inexpensive hand-cranked tubs to more expensive models with compressors. Choose the one that best fits your budget and your need for ice cream.

Choosing an Ice Cream Maker

You'll find a variety of ice cream makers to choose from, and most do the job quite well. The less expensive large quantity ice cream makers do a fine job but require several pounds of ice and rock salt for each batch. They're also bulky, so storage space might be a consideration. The smaller countertop models like the Cuisinart or La Glaciere do a good job, and you won't have the mess or expense of rock salt and ice. With these makers, you just freeze the 1- to 1 1/2-quart bowl, pour the ice cream mixture in, and turn it on. The bowl is a special canister with a liquid refrigerant sealed between the walls.

Non-Electric Freezing

You don't want to buy an ice cream maker? Here are a few good ways to make ice cream with ice, rock salt, and no mechanical help.

  • Still freeze: Prepare an ice cream mixture, place the mixing bowl in the freezer. Take it out a few times during the freezing process and mix with a hand mixer or pulse with a food processor.
  • The rolling can method: Put your ice cream mixture in a 1-pound coffee can, seal well with top and tape, and place it in the center of a 3-pound coffee can. Layer ice and rock salt in the space between the cans. Seal the large can, place it on its side on the ground or floor, then roll back and forth with your feet for about 10 to 15 minutes. Take the small can out, wipe the rock salt and water off, then stir. Reseal the can and repeat the rock salt, ice, and rolling.
  • The plastic bag method: Similar to the rolling can method using rock salt and ice, but use a 1-pint well-sealed plastic freezer bag in a 1-gallon sealed plastic bag. Shake until frozen.

Some of the best and richest ice creams are made with eggs. If your recipe calls for uncooked eggs, consider using the equivalent amount of egg-substitute or cook the eggs and milk (to at least 160° F) as in some of the recipes below. 

Featured Ice Cream Recipes
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