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Filé Powder
Brunswick Stew

Definition: Usually made with chicken and other meats, Brunswick stew was originally made with squirrel. The dish purportedly originated in Brunswick County, Virginia, though some claim it originated in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Pronunciation: GUM-bo • (noun)

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Gumbo Ya Ya
Ingredients include chicken and andouille sausage.

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
A great combination, this one is made in the slow cooker.

Basic Gumbo
A seafood gumbo with crab, shrimp and okra.

Catfish Gumbo
With catfish, tomatoes and okra. Use any firm-flesh white fish.

Chicken Gumbo
Thickened with filé powder.

New Orleans Pork Gumbo
An easy gumbo made with pork loin, okra, succotash and a roux.

Chicken-Okra Gumbo
A classic chicken and sausage gumbo from Dr. Donald Houston.

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