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Rice Pilau
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• Jambalaya
• Dirty Rice
• Red Rice
Definition: In this dish rice is usually browned before the addition of vegetables, meat and liquid. Especially popular in the Carolinas and Florida.

Pronunciation: pih-LOW • (noun)

Also Known As: Pilaf, perloo, pilaw.

Related Resources:

Corn and Shrimp Pilaf
A wonderful combination from Dr. Donald Houston.

Pecan Rice Pilaf
Pecans, shallots, wild rice and white wine are ingredients in this dish.

Okra and Ham Pilau
A delicious combination of rice, ham, okra, garlic, green pepper, onions and seasonings.

Hampton Plantation Shrimp Pilau
Great traditional recipe from the South Carolina cookbook, Charleston Receipts.

Lowcountry Chicken Pilau
Includes chicken, salt pork and tomatoes. From The Florida Cookbook.

Elsewhere on the Web:

Crab Pilaf
With crab, ham, white wine and rum.

Brown Rice & Shiitake Pilaf
No added fat in this version.

Rice and Black Bean Pilaf
A tasty combination of rice, black beans, herbs and vegetables.

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