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Halloween Pages

Costumes, pumpkin recipes, clip art, and more.
Sherri's Graveyard of Goodies
Pumpkins, costumes, games, witches, and more family fun, from Sherri from Family Crafts.

Halloween Recipes
More halloween recipes, including spiced cider recipes, fake blood, dirt dessert, deviled eyeballs, and more.

Costume: Bunch of Grapes
Be a bunch of purple grapes this Halloween. Directions from Debbie Colgrove, the Sewing Guide. Other costume directions from Debbie:
Tea Bag
Tails: Pig, Cow, Lion, and Bird
More Ideas!

Crochet Patterns
Links to Halloween crochet patterns on the Net, from Sandi Marshall.

Homemade Halloween
Creative costume and recipe ideas, from Stay-at-Home-Parents.

New England Pumpkin Recipes
Lots of pumpkin recipes from Kim Knox.

Vegetarian Halloween Ideass
From Jolinda Hackett, some great ideas for a healthier Halloween.

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