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Food and Cooking Terms

  A -- Achiote to Au Gratin
  B -- Bananas Foster to Butterflied
  C -- Cajun to Curry Powder
  D -- Dash to Dutch Oven
  E -- Egg Wash to Extract
  F -- Farmer Cheese to Fudge
  G -- Ganache to Gyro
  H -- Habanero to Hushpuppy
   I  -- Icing to Italian Seasoning
  J -- Jalapeno to Jumble
  K -- Kahlua to Kumquat
  L -- Lady Baltimore to Liqueur
  M -- Mace to Mustard Greens
  N -- Nasturtium to Nutmeg
  O -- O'Brien Potatoes to Oyster Mushroom
  P -- Paella to Puree
  Q -- Quahog to Quinoa
  R -- Radicchio to Royal Icing
  S -- Saffron to Swiss Steak
  T -- Tabasco Sauce to Turtle Bean
  U -- Ugli to Upside-Down-Cake
  V -- Vanilla to Vintage
  W -- Waldorf to Worcestershire
  X -- Xanthan Gum
  Y -- Yakitori to Yorkshire Pudding
  Z -- Zabaglione to Zwieback

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