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Crockpot Resources

Crockpot Recipes Index
More than 1,300 recipes for the crock pot or slow cooker.

Recent Additions
The newest recipes added to the site. Updated frequently.

6 Items or Less Crockpot Recipes
All of the main dish and appetizer recipes with 6 items or less.

Crock Pot Top 30 Recipes
The most-printed recipes. Updated frequently.

The New Smart-Pot
A look at Rival's new programmable Smart-Pot Crock-Pot®, with a sampling of their recipes.

Adapting Your Recipes
Tips on adapting recipes from conventional cooking to the crockpot, plus help with certain types of foods.

Whether you're shopping for a crock pot, or just want to see the latest features, this list will help you. Links to price comparisons and more information.

A list of my favorite crock pot and slow cooker cookbooks, with links to more information and comparison prices.

Cheesecakes from the crockpot - no cracks!

Slow Cooking, Southern-Style
Tips and several recipes for Southern favorites.

Using Your Crockpot
Frequently Asked Questions about crock pot cookery.

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