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Cooking Tips, Ideas, and Instruction

A to Z Cook's Tools
A handy index to cooking charts and essential information. Measurement and temperature conversion, ingredient quantity equivalents, substitutions, can sizes, and more.

Glossary of Food & Cooking Terms
Definitions of ingredients, cooking terms, and dishes.

Breakfast Quick-Takes
Breakfast ideas and recipes for kids and parents on the run along with several tried-and-true tips from other About.com Guides.

Bean Cooking Tips
Several tips and hints for cooking beans.

Home Preserving
Tips, Web links, and recipes for homemade pickles, relishes, and preserves.

Fry It, You'll Like It!
Frying tips and several crispy, delicious recipes.

Lunch Box Ideas
Kid-pleasing lunch box ideas with links to articles & recipes.

Low-Fat and Southern, Too
Fat-lowering tips, Web links, and nearly dozen recipes to try.

Melon Sculpture
Melissa Presley shows us how to make a beautiful and delicious melon basket centerpiece.

Picnic and Grilling Safety
Tips for handling foods safely, with links to picnic recipe pages.

Slow Cooker Tips
Tips on adapting recipes to the slow cooker/crockpot, and eight new recipes.

Turkey Basics
Guidelines for cooking, thawing, and handling turkey and stuffing, plus safety tips for cooking large meals.

Using Your Crockpot
Frequently Asked Questions about crock pot cookery.

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