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Butter Cookies with Almond Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
These almond cookies are made with real butter, ground almonds, and almond extract.
Brown Sugar Almond Cookies - Southern Food - About.com
These almond cookies are made with butter and brown sugar and slivered toasted almonds. Almond cookie recipe.
Almond Spritz Cookies - Butter Cookie Recipe - Southern Food
Almond spritz cookie recipe with almond extract and butter, pressed through a ... These spritz style cookie press cookies are made with almond flavoring and ...
Almond Cookies - Chinese Food - About.com
Chinese Almond Cookies - learn how to make this popular Chinese treat.
Easy Spanish Almond Cookies Recipe - Almendrados - Spanish Food
The Spanish have used almonds in desserts and sauces or centuries. Everything from St. James cake, and bienmesabe (Spanish almond cream), to polvorones ...
Sugared Almond Cookies with Almonds and Cinnamon - Greek Food
This recipe for traditional Greek celebration shortbread-type cookies covered with powdered sugar creates a very light cookie with chunks of toasted almonds.
Polish Almond Cookie Recipe - Recipe for Polish Almond Cookies ...
This Polish almond cookie recipe or amaretti (ah-mah-RRET-tee) are flourless cookies which come together quickly and are ideal with tea or coffee. This is a ...
Sugar-Free Almond Spice Cookies Recipe
Dec 15, 2014 ... I was going for the flavors in hermit cookies with these sugar-free and low-carb cookies. They are slightly chewy. With few ingredients, they are ...
Spanish Desserts - Polvorones Recipe - Spanish Almond Cookie ...
Rich, crumbly "polvorones" or Spanish almond cookies are a delicious cookie, especially popular at during the Christmas season in Spain. "Polvo" means dust ...
Murcian Cookies - Galletas Murcianas - Spanish Almond Cookies ...
These shiny, golden and traditional almond cookies originate in Murcia, a small province on the eastern coast of Spain. With a mix of ground almonds, anise and  ...
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