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Butter Cookies with Almond Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
These almond cookies are made with butter almond extract. Almond cookies.
Brown Sugar Almond Cookies - Southern Food - About.com
These almond cookies are made with butter and brown sugar and slivered toasted almonds. Almond cookie recipe.
Top Almond Cookie and Bar Recipes - Southern Food - About.com
Almond cookies and bars, including brown sugar almond cookies, almond crescents, and more.
Chinese Almond Cookie Recipe - Chinese Food - About.com
Chinese Almond Cookies - learn how to make this popular Chinese treat.
Easy Spanish Almond Cookies Recipe - Almendrados - Spanish Food
Simple cookies made of ground almonds, eggs and sugar make perfect cookies for Christmas, or a special tea or snack.
Almond Cookies - Desserts and Baking on About.com
Here is a recipe for Almond Cookies. ... These cookies can be make with either butter, margarine or solid shortening. - Photo. These cookies are outstanding with  ...
Sugar-Free Almond Spice Cookies Recipe
I was going for the flavors in hermit cookies with these sugar-free and low-carb cookies. They are slightly chewy. With few ingredients, they are very simple to ...
Polish Almond Cookie Recipe - Eastern European Food - About.com
This Polish almond cookie recipe or amaretti (ah-mah-RRET-tee) are flourless cookies which come together quickly and are ideal with tea or coffee. This is a ...
Amygthalota Almond Cookies - Greek Recipe for Almond Cookies
These cookies are loaded with almonds, which make up most of the cookie dough. The recipe is quick and calls for self-rising flour.
Murcian Cookies - Galletas Murcianas - Spanish Almond Cookies ...
These shiny, golden and traditional almond cookies originate in Murcia, a small province on the eastern coast of Spain. With a mix of ground almonds, anise and  ...
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