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Chile Pepper Information and Recipes - Southern Food - About.com
A variety of recipes using chile peppers, including jalapeno recipes, enchilada sauce, salsas and nachos.
Corn with Green Chile and Red Bell Pepper Recipe - Southern Food
Canned whole kernel corn is jazzed up with mild green chiles, red bell pepper, onion and butter. Corn recipe with chiles.
Grits with Cheese and Green Chile Peppers Recipe - Southern Food
This is a flavorful cheese grits casserole recipe made with chile peppers and tomatoes. Add jalapeno peppers for extra heat.
Top 10 Mexican Recipes Using Green Chiles - Mexican Food
A wonderful selection of recipes to use green chiles in.
Chilean Chile Pepper Salsa - Chancho en Piedra
Explore South American Food - History, Ingredients, and Basic Recipes · Soups, ... Pebre is typically a mix of chopped onions and garlic, red chile pepper paste, ...
Chilean Chile Pepper Salsa Pebre Recipe - South American Food
A spicy chile pepper condiment to accompany Chilean food.
Chiles and Hot Peppers With Recipes - Local Foods - About.com
Call them chiles, hot peppers, hot chiles, chilis, chili peppers... whatever you call them they have a huge range of heat levels, come is a wide variety of sizes, and ...
How to Re-Hydrate Chiles Step-By-Step with Pictures - Mexican Food
See how each step is done and start using dried chiles in a number of dishes. ... out the best possible chiles, it is time to re-hydrate them for use in recipes.
How to Make Szechuan Hot Chili Oil What You Need - Chinese Food
This is a basic recipe for chili oil. Once you've got the technique down, feel free to jazz it up by adding garlic, ginger, cumin, sugar or other spices. To make it ...
Fried Green Chiles Stuffed with Cheese Recipe - Southern Food
Deep fried chiles stuffed with cheese and battered with an egg and flour mixture. Chiles rellenos recipe.
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