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Corn Muffins - Southern Food - About.com
These corn muffins are flavorful and perfect with beans, chili, and greens.
Pumpkin Corn Muffins - Southern Food - About.com
Pumpkin makes these corn muffins flavorful and moist. These great tasting pumpkin corn muffins are wonderful with a flavored butter for breakfast or brunch.
cornbread muffins recipe - Southern Food - About.com
Cornbread muffins are the perfect choice to serve with bean dishes, chili, or greens. Savory southern cornbread made in muffin tins.
Cornbread Muffins Recipe - Culinary Arts - About.com
These cornbread muffins are hearty and satisfying, and you can make them with sugar or without, depending on if you like your cornbread sweet or savory.
Sweet Corn Muffins Recipe - Culinary Arts - About.com
With ordinary cornbread, we use half flour and half corn meal. But for these sweet corn muffins, we use 1 cups all-purpose flour and half a cup of corn meal.
Cheese Corn Muffins and Related Recipes
Corn Muffin Recipe with cheddar cheese and cornmeal and a little sugar. Easy cheese corn muffins.
Old Fashioned Cornbread Muffins - Southern Food - About.com
These are old-fashioned southern corn muffins made without sugar.
Creole Corn Muffins with Peppers Recipe
Corn muffins with cheese, peppers, and a little chopped onion. Creole corn muffin recipe with cheese.
Blue Corn Muffin Recipe with Minced Jalapeno and Chiles
A recipe for blue corn muffins with corn kernels, blue cornmeal, and sour cream, along with eggs and melted butter. These blue corn muffins are delicious with a ...
Whole Wheat Corn Muffin Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
These cornbread muffins get lots of texture from the whole wheat flour and stone ground cornmeal. These muffins are delicious with chili or stew, and if you like a ...
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