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Olive Varieties & Types (Green/ Black) - Home Cooking - About.com
There are many varieties of olives. Learn about the most popular olive varieties.
Anzonini's Water-cured Green Olives Recipe - Home Cooking
These water-cured olives are flavored with lemon, oregano, wine vinegar, and garlic.
How to Make Brined Olives - Food Preservation - About.com
My Greek grandfather used to start his olive cure by hanging the raw olives - each scored with a knife and dropped into a mesh bag - off a village shipping dock ...
Greek Olives - Greek Food - About.com
Greeks have been cultivating olives for centuries and know a thing or two about delicious! Check these photos of the various types of olives to use as appetizers,  ...
Brining/Curing Olives at Home - Home Cooking
Brining or curing olives at home. If you have access to an olive tree, try preserving your own olives.
Dry Salt-cured Olives - Food Preservation - About.com
This is one of the simplest ways to cure olives. The result is identical to the full- flavored, slightly wrinkled "dry" black olives that you can buy. Use small, fully ripe  ...
Lye-Cured Green Olives Recipe - Home Cooking - About.com
Many olives are cured using lye. It is time-consuming but worth the effort, especially if you have an olive tree.
Olive and Olive Oil Recipes - Home Cooking
Olive and Olive Oil Recipes. Choose from many recipes using olives and/or olive oil.
Greek Olives Photo Gallery - Kalamata Black Olives - Greek Food
Probably the most well-known Greek olive, these are harvested in December when fully ripened. The best Kalamata olives are sliced then cured in red wine ...
How to Cure Olives with Lye - Olive in Concia - Italian Food - About ...
Fresh from the tree, olives are tremendously bitter, to the point that the people who originally went to the trouble of learning how to treat them must have been ...
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