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Bean Recipes and Legumes - Recipes with Dried Beans and Peas
Bean recipes include dried beans and lima beans and butter beans and lentils and black eyed peas. Recipes with beans and peas, including black eyed peas ...
Dry Bean recipes collection - Southern Food - About.com
Recipes using dry beans, including navy bean recipes, baked beans, soups, slow cooker beans, and more.
Crockpot Barbecued Beans with Dry Beans Recipe - Southern Food
Barbecued beans with dried white beans, purchased barbecue sauce, diced bacon, and onion. Easy barbecue-style beans from scratch.
Greek Recipes for Fresh and Dried Beans, Lentils, and Legumes
Fresh and dried beans and peas of all sorts are a staple of traditional Greek cooking. Made into dips, salads, soups, and main dishes, they are filling, healthy,  ...
Spicy Black Bean Soup with Ham and Garlic Recipe - Southern Food
This black bean soup recipe is nicely flavored with lots of garlic, a meaty ham ... 1 tablespoon lemon juice; 1/4 cup dry sherry or white wine; 1/4 cup chopped ...
Baked Beans Recipe from Dried Beans with Salt Pork - Southern Food
Baked beans with dried beans, molasses and salt pork, cooked in the crockpot. A baked beans recipe for the crockpot.
Dry Bean ABC Soup Mix Recipe - Home Cooking - About.com
Dry lentils, split peas, alphabet pasta, rice, and onion are combined into a dry bean soup mix to cook in 45 minutes.
Bean Recipes - Frugal Living - About.com
May 23, 2014 ... Beans are the ultimate frugal food – they're high in protein and fiber, filling and affordable. Stock your pantry with a variety of beans – both dried ...
Pinto Beans with Garlic and Tomatoes Recipe - Southern Food
A light pinto bean recipe with chopped vegetables and seasonings. Ingredients. 1 pound dried pinto beans; 1 1/2 cups chopped onion; 1 green bell pepper, ...
White Bean Dip with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Recipe - Home Cooking
White Bean Dip with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Recipe. Whip up this flavorful dip in your food processor in no time flat. You can cook the beans from scratch if you ...
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