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Glazed Carrots with Brown Sugar - Southern Food - About.com
Carrots are cooked with brown sugar and butter, resulting in a tasty brown sugar glaze. Brown sugar glazed carrots, a delicious carrot recipe.
Simple Glazed Carrots Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
Try this simple recipe for glazed carrots with sugar and butter. It's a very easy recipe and a nice holiday side dish.
Glazed Carrots with Spicy Mustard and Brown Sugar Recipe
Glazed carrots with brown sugar and mustard. A zesty glazed carrot recipe.
Glazed Carrots Recipe With Five Spice Powder - Chinese Food
Glazed carrots - this easy recipe for glazed carrots makes a nice side dish for a family dinner or holiday occasion.
Glazed Carrots Recipe - Culinary Arts - About.com
The glaze for this glazed carrots recipe is produced by reducing a mixture of chicken stock, butter and sugar until it's thick and syrupy. You could also use veal  ...
Honey Glazed Carrots - Kosher Food - About.com
Honey Glazed Carrots are the perfect side dish for any Sabbath or Jewish holiday meal. Given their sweet flavor, they are especially fitting for Rosh Hashana.
Cinnamon Glazed Microwave Carrots Recipe
Every culture seems to have their own version of sweet glazed carrots. The Dutch enjoy theirs with butter, cinnamon and nutmeg. I've added a touch of lemon to ...
Vegan brown-sugar glazed carrots recipe
An easy vegan sugar-glazed carrots recipe with brown sugar, vegan margarine, a touch of cinnamon, and not much else. So easy! If you need an easy glazed ...
Glazed Carrots Recipe - Recipe for glazed carrots with mint and lemon
This recipe for glazed carrots is simple, fairly quick, definitely easy, and spins the classic dish of glazed carrots in a new direction. Serves 2.
Apple Glazed Carrots Side Dish Recipe - French Food - About.com
This apple glazed carrots recipe works well with roasted poultry dishes. Glazed apples and carrots side dish.
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