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Southern Greens Favorites - Southern Food - About.com
Southerners love their greens. Though they might try new recipes from time to time, nothing is more comforting than the traditional pork-seasoned dish of turnip  ...
Mixed Greens Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
These easy mixed greens are cooked with ham hocks, a little vinegar, and seasonings. Use collard greens and turnip greens in this recipe.
Green - Definition of Putting Green in Golf - About.com
Definition: The green, or putting green, is the culmination of a golf hole, where the flagstick and hole are located. Getting the golf ball into the hole on the putting ...
Punched Greens (Definition of the Golf Term) - About.com
What does the term 'punched greens' mean in golf, and why is the process of the punching the greens done? Read this definition.
Do I Get Relief from Aeration Holes on the Green? - Golf - About.com
Answer: Most golf courses, at least once a year, aerify their greens. Aerification, or aeration, is the process of punching small holes in the green; actually, small ...
Green Fee - Definition of Green Fee in Golf - About.com
The term 'green fee' or 'greens fee' comes from golf, but what does it mean? Read the definition from the About Golf Glossary.
How Much Have Green Speeds Increased in Golf? - About.com
We routinely hear about green speeds of 11 or 12 or 13 in modern golf. Fast greens. Every tournament wants them, every private golf club or luxury golf course ...
The Putting Green (Meet the Golf Course) - About.com
A look at the putting green for beginners from the Meet the Golf Course feature on About.com.
Double Green - Definition of Double Green - Golf - About.com
Definition: A very large green that serves as the green for two different holes on the golf course. Double greens have two holes and two flagsticks, and are large ...
What is a Green in Regulation (GIR) in Golf? - About.com
"Green in regulation," often abbreviated GIR, is a statistical category on the professional golf tours, as well as a popular method for amateurs and recreational ...
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