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Growing Lavender - Easy Maintenance Perennial - Gardening
You can be successful growing lavender if you choose the right variety. Tips for choosing growing and pruning lavender plants.
English Lavender Plants - Landscaping Uses, Care
Taxonomy of English Lavender Plants: Plant taxonomy classifies English lavender plants as Lavandula angustifolia. The Latin word, angustifolia means ...
Lavender - Medicinal Uses For Lavender - Herb Gardens - About.com
Lavender is found in a wide variety of strains. It is a popular herb for borders and to grow in a crafter's garden. Find out ways to grow lavender and how it was ...
Tips for Growing Lavender Video
Grow lavender at home with these helpful gardening tips. Learn how to identify the type of lavender, the weather conditions for growing lavender, the importance  ...
What Is Lavender and How to Use It - Herb Gardens - About.com
Lavendula angustifolia. Common Name: Lavender. Cultivation: Lavender grows well in sunny, open areas. It likes well drained soil, slightly sweet. This can be ...
Lavender Cocktails and Tips for Using Lavender in Drinks
Tasting Notes: Lavender has a penetrating, sweetly floral, and spicy aroma with lemon and mint notes; the taste echoes the aroma with undertones of camphor ...
Pruning Lavender - Promoting Flowering And Long Life
Lavender is a fun plant to prune, and a forgiving one. The key is to know that the plant tries to form weak wood at its center, and to slow down this process. this ...
Lavender - The Herb of Love - Herb Gardens - About.com
Long revered in literature as a herb of love, Lavender is a key ingredient in soaps and shampoos, sachets, perfumes and seasonings. This beautiful herb is ...
Pruning Lavender - Popular Varieties, Specific Tips - Trees & Shrubs
If you've got a basic handle on when and why to prune lavender in general, you might want to go a little deeper with a few tips specific to pruning popular types ...
Lavender Color Meaning - Desktop Publishing - About.com
Lavender has long been a favorite flower and color of genteel ladies. This shade of purple suggests refinement along with grace, elegance, and something ...
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