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How to Shuck an Oyster - Southern Food - About.com
I've seen hundreds of oysters being shucked, but it is a job that usually falls to the men in the group. So I came home with my bag of fresh oysters and got out my ...
Oysters Rockefeller Recipe with Butter and Bread Crumbs
Oysters Rockefeller recipe with bread crumbs and butter, along with Pernod and seasonings and scallions. A delicious oyster recipe with butter.
Sautéed Oyster Recipe with Butter and White Wine - Southern Food
A simple and elegant oyster receipe. Oysters sauteed in butter and white wine with green onions, tarragon, parsley.
How to Shuck Oysters - Start With Fresh, Raw Oysters - Local Foods
Shucking (or opening) oysters is a snap once you get the hang of it - see how easy it can be with this step-by-step photo guide to shucking oysters.
A Guide to the Different Types of Oysters - Local Foods - About.com
Learn the differences between oysters with this guide to oysters.
Oyster Cooking Tips - Home Cooking - About.com
The most famous oyster dish is Oysters Rockefeller, which was created by Jules Alciatore, grandson of the founder of Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans.
Charbroiled Oysters Recipe - Eastern European Food - About.com
This recipe for charbroiled oysters was developed by Tommy Cvitanovich of Drago's Restaurant in New Orleans and Metairie, La.
Shuck Oysters - How to Shuck East Coast Oysters Video
Want to treat yourself to the freshest seafood around? See how easy it is to shuck an oyster at home using an oyster knife.
Oyster Sauces - 7 Easy Recipes - Local Foods - About.com
Buy them shucked or shuck them yourself, either way fresh oysters on the half shell are great to eat and fun to serve at home. Whether you're a seasoned oyster  ...
Oyster History - Home Cooking - About.com
The eating of oysters dates back to early Roman times. Learn more about the history of oysters as food.
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