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Chile Pepper Information and Recipes - Southern Food - About.com
A variety of recipes using chile peppers, including jalapeno recipes, enchilada sauce, salsas and nachos.
Salsa and Dips with Chile Pepper Recipes
About Chile-Head Judy Howle, with some of her prize-winning recipes and several chile pepper links.
Corn with Green Chile and Red Bell Pepper Recipe - Southern Food
Canned whole kernel corn is jazzed up with mild green chiles, red bell pepper, onion and butter. Corn recipe with chiles.
Chiles & Hot Peppers - How to Use Chiles & Hot Peppers - Recipes ...
Chiles, chile peppers, hot peppers - whatever you call them - are one of the great culinary gifts the American continents have given the world. From sweet to ...
Chilean Chile Pepper Salsa Pebre Recipe - South American Food
A spicy chile pepper condiment to accompany Chilean food. ... Explore South American Food - History, Ingredients, and Basic Recipes · Soups, Appetizers, ...
Hot Chile Pepper Barbecue Sauce Recipe - About Barbecue & Grilling
This barbecue sauce has a lot of flavorful ingredients. You can adjust the heat by changing the amount of peppers you add.
Chilean Chile Pepper Salsa - Chancho en Piedra
Pebre is typically a mix of chopped onions and garlic, red chile pepper paste, green ... Creamy Spicy Tomato Sauce - Recipe for Enchilada and Relleno Sauce  ...
Guide to Types of Dried Chile Peppers - Local Foods - About.com
This is where chile taxonomy goes from complicated to just plain weird. ... Some recipes even call for the adobo sauce chipotles are packed in as a separate ...
Homemade Jalapeno Chili Oil Recipe - Chinese Food - About.com
This recipe for hot chili oil yields about 1/2 cup. Olive oil can be used instead of peanut or vegetable oil in the recipe, but make sure it has a high enough smoke ...
Spicy Cocktail and Mixed Drink Recipe Collection
These mixed drinks include habanero, jalapeno, and other peppers, hot sauces, ... Also, you will notice that many of these recipes pair the spicy element with ... Habanero Martini - habanero pepper; Hair of the Dog - Tabasco sauce, chili ...
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