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Penne Pasta with a Creamy Meat Sauce - Southern Food - About.com
Tomato paste and milk make the creamy beefy sauce for this penne pasta recipe.
Chicken and Penne Pasta Casserole Recipe - Southern Food
A flavorful chicken and pasta casserole with penne pasta, cheese, diced chicken and sausage, and spinach. Chicken and penne bake with cheese and chicken ...
Penne Pasta with Cheese and Tomatoes - Southern Food - About.com
Enjoy this flavorful penne pasta and cheese dish. In this recipe, penne pasta is baked with tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese.
Penne Pasta with Spicy Sausage Sauce - American Food - About.com
Thanks to flavorful, fully seasoned Italian sausage, this delicious pasta sauce recipe could not be easier. With all the options for different kinds of sausage, ...
Chicken, Cheese, and Penne Pasta Bake
This is a hearty penne pasta, cheese, chicken, and artichoke casserole, perfect for a potluck or family meal. You can't go wrong with this delicious casserole.
Vegetarian Sun-Dried Tomato and Walnut Penne Pasta
If you're a vegetarian or vegan who loves sun-dried tomatoes, you'll love this rich penne pasta recipe with sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts. The sun dried ...
Penne Pasta With Fresh Artichokes Recipe
Generously salt the pasta water and drop in the penne. Cook, stirring often, until the penne are tender. Drain, saving about 1 cup of the cooking water, and ...
Penne Bake With Ham and Peas Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
This flavorful penne pasta, ham, and peas casserole makes a perfect meal with a tossed salad or fresh sliced tomatoes. This is a great way to use leftover ham, ...
Creamy Tomato Tuna Penne Pasta Recipe - American Food - About ...
This creamy tomato tuna penne pasta recipe features cream of tomato soup for a super quick and delicious sauce. This tasty tomato tuna sauce recipe can also ...
Penne Pasta with Peas and Prosciutto - American Food - About.com
This affordable penne pasta recipe certainly doesn't taste like a "budget" meal, but thanks to some very thin slices of prosciutto, it's inexpensive and delicious.
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