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Chicken Salad With Bacon and Raisins - Southern Food - About.com
My family was surprised when they found that they loved this flavorful, crunchy chicken salad! Raisins, bacon, celery, green onions, and optional pine nuts add to ...
Apple and Raisin Waldorf Salad Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
Waldorf salad with apples, walnuts, orange sections and raisins and a mixture of whipped topping and mayonnaise. Waldorf salad.
Vintage Baked Raisin Pudding Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
This is an old fashioned raisin pudding, with brown sugar and butter, baked in a casserole dish. Raisin pudding recipe with vanilla and brown sugar and flour.
Raisin Substitutions and Cooking Tips and Hints
Raisins can help extend bread life as a mold inhibitor. Learn raisin substitutions and cooking tips and hints.
Raisin Varieties and Types including Seedless Raisins
Seeded raisins do not have seeds. Find out why and learn about raisin varieties and types, including sultanas and currants.
Raisin Recipes Index - Recipes for Home Cooking - About.com
Raisin Recipes. In most cases, dark raisins can be substituted for currants and golden raisins and vice versa.
The Difference Between Raisins, Sultanas and Currants
There is much confusion about the difference between dried fruits, particularly raisins, sultanas and currants.
Gin-Soaked Raisins for Arthritis
May 16, 2014 ... It may sound silly the first time you hear it. Eating gin-soaked raisins for arthritis is often touted by its faithful as a natural "cure" or an effective ...
Moroccan Couscous Tfaya with Caramelized Onions and Raisins
Use either chicken or lamb in this Moroccan recipe for Couscous Tfaya. Tfaya refers to the sweet and spicy caramelized onions and raisins served with this dish .
Raisin Rolls - Breakfast Buns - Recipe - Bread Baking - About.com
Rolls are very easy to make and they are a great bread to make ahead for breakfasts and dinners. These delicious raisin rolls are made with a sweet bread and ...
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