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Easy and Quick Banana Spice Cake Recipe - Southern Food
This banana cake is just the right size for a small family, the perfect weekend cake for a busy family. Serve this banana cake as a snack cake or as a dessert.
Two Egg Vanilla Pound Cake Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
This delicious vanilla pound cake recipe is made with 2 eggs. It's a loaf size pound cake,a perfect size for most families. ... Great for small family. It was ready in ...
Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Crumb Topping - Southern Food
We love this coffee cake in the spring, and it's a great small cake for a weekend morning treat. It's an easy one layer cake made with sliced fresh strawberries ...
Marble Cake in a Small Bundt Pan - Marmorkuchen fuer Zwei
Marble cakes are a very popular addition to afternoon coffee and cake get- togethers. This marble cake recipe makes enough for a small baking pan which holds ...
Using Half of the Box of Cake Mix to Make a Small Cake - Busy Cooks
Discover how to bake half a cake using part of a boxed cake mix for a smaller family.
Classic Unbattered Thai Fish Cakes Recipe - Thai Food - About.com
Picking up a small amount in your hand (about the size of a golf ball) pat the paste into a small cake and set on a clean plate. Note that traditional Thai fish cakes ...
Linzer Torte - Nut Cake with Jelly - Recipe for Small Linzertorte
Linzer Torte describes a group of dry nut cakes with a jam or jelly filling. Most often they contain hazelnuts and red currant jelly. The nut dough is flavored with  ...
Baking with Bundt® Pans Tips - Desserts/Baking - About.com
The Bundtlette Pan and the Mini-Bundt makes six 1-cup small cakes. Your pan not listed? Just fill the pan with cups of water. The total cups of water will be the ...
Small Banana Cake Recipes - Busy Cooks - About.com
Small Banana Cake makes half a cake for smaller families; but it's still delicious and easy.
Eccles Cake Recipe - British & Irish Food - About.com
Eccles cakes aren't cakes, but as you can see in this Eccles Cake recipe, they are a small flat pastry filled with dried fruits and spices. The popularity of the small ...
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