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Mississippi Sweet Potato Pie Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
A sweet potato pie recipe, made with butter and sweet potatoes, along with vanilla and cinnamon.
Southern Sweet Potato Pie Recipe with Cinnamon and Nutmeg
Sweet Potato Pie recipe with sweet potatoes, eggs, evaporated milk, butter, sugar , nutmeg and cinnamon. A delicious sweet potato pie.
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
Sweet potato pecan pie is made with cooked sweet potatoes, butter, cream brown sugar, eggs, spices, and brandy, bourbon, or orange juice, along with pecan ...
Mississippi Sweet Potato Pie - Southern Food - About.com
This Mississippi sweet potato pie is a delicious alternative to the more traditional pumpkin pie. Here is an easy, tasty recipe for Mississippi sweet potato pie that ...
Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Pie Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
Sweet potato pie with cream cheese and spices, a delicious sweet potato pie recipe. Potato cream cheese pie with a graham cracker crust.
Sweet Potato Pie with Cream Cheese Pastry - Southern Food
This sweet potato pie recipe is a delicious combination of mashed sweet potatoes and spices baked in an easy cream cheese crust.
Caribbean Sweet Potato Pie recipe - How to Make a Caribbean ...
This sweet potato pie is served on special occasions in the Caribbean in some of the islands, such as Barbados. It is more of a savory pie with spices and other ...
Crunchy Southern Sweet Potato Pie Recipe
... Sweet Potato Pie. By Diana Rattray · Southern Food Expert. Share this. This sweet potato pie, shared on our forum, is baked with an oat and pecan crust.
Kosher Sweet Potato Pie Recipe - Videos - About.com
This rich, creamy kosher sweet potato pie will have them asking for seconds. Watch how to make this tasty dessert.
Sweet Potato Pie - Cooking for Two - About.com
Sweet Potato Pie is an old Southern favorite. It looks like and is usually flavored like pumpkin pie and I've had it many times in my life. This recipe intrigued me ...
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