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Appliance Cookery

Links to recipes and resources on cooking with small appliances.
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Salmon Fritters
These salmon fritters are made with a simple combination of salmon, flour, eggs, and seasonings.

Spiced Banana Fritters
Banana chunks and a little cinnamon in these banana fritters. Deep fried banana fritters spiced with cinnamon.

Cajun Chicken Croquettes
A recipe for Cajun chicken croquettes, made with Creole seasoning and cooked chicken, deep fried.

Potato Chips
A potato chip recipe posted to the forum, using potatoes and oil for deep frying.

Old-Fashioned Apple Fritters
Recipe for apple fritters, apple sliced battered and fried in deep fryer. An old fashioned recipe for apple fritters, or use another fresh fruit.

Apple Fritters
Apple fritters are deep fried then dusted with confectioners sugar. Serve apple fritter recipe with syrup, if desired.

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