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Peanut Banana Smoothie
Peanut butter banana smoothie recipe. This smoothie recipe is made with peanut butter, banana, and honey and milk.

Fruit Punch Recipe
This fruit punch is easy to make, with orange juice concentrate, lemonade, pineapple juice, and ginger ale. A fruit punch recipe.

Irish Coffee Recipe
Irish coffee made with coffee, sugar, whipped cream, and whiskey. An Irish coffee recipe.

Party Punch with Cranberry Juice
This party punch beverage recipe is made with cranberry juice, apple juice, lemon and pineapple and soda water. Party punch recipe.

Bourbon Slush
This summer Bourbon Slush drink is made with tea, sugar, orange juice, lemonade, and bourbon. A refreshing summer drink with bourbon.

Fruit Punch Recipe
This Fruit Punch Recipe is made with pineapple juice, strawberries, ice cream, and lemon lime soda. Fruit punch for about 18 people.

Hot Cocoa
Homemade old-fashioned hot chocolate recipe is made with chocolate and milk and vanilla and sugar. Hot chocolate recipe.

Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry smoothie recipe. Strawberry smoothies made with frozen strawberries, milk, and ice cream.

Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate
Homemade old-fashioned hot chocolate recipe is made with chocolate and milk and vanilla and sugar. Hot chocolate recipe.

Hot Spiced Cider
This is a recipe for hot spiced cider. Apple cider is spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Georgia Mint Julep
This Georgia mint julep recipe is made with brandy and peach brandy and mint. Serve in a julep tumbler or cup.

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Mexican hot chocolate recipe is made with cocoa and cinnamon and milk, plus vanilla and sugar. Mexican hot chocolate recipe.

Lemonade with Fresh Mint
This lemonade is made with lemons, oranges, and fresh mint leaves. Lemonade recipe with mint and orange.

Janet's Smoothie
This smoothie recipe from Janet is made with cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, mango, yogurt, flax seed oil and nuts and wheat germ. A multi fruit smoothie recipe with flax seed oil - use a few or several fruits.

Cantaloupe and Strawberry Shake
This is a cantaloupe and strawberry shake with no-fat skim milk or low fat milk and sugar. A cantaloupe and strawberry shake recipe.

Slippery Run Tea
Slippery Run Tea recipe with cranberry juice, cinnamon, ginger, honey, tea, and other ingredients. Tea recipe with cranberry juice and spices.

Vicki's Sangria
recipe sangria wine oranges brandy sugar lemons melon cinnamon

Lemonade Spritzer
This lemonade spritzer recipe contains lemons, limes, sugar, and club soda. Lemonade spritzer, a delicious drink recipe for the summer.

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