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Beverages and Punch Recipes

Smoothies, Iced Tea, Ice Cream Drinks, Punch, and More


Iced Tea

Iced Tea

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Apricot Punch
Aunt Frances' Lemonade
Blackberry Wine
Black Cow Recipe with Root Beer
Bourbon Slush Drink
Cantaloupe Smoothie with Yogurt
Cantaloupe Strawberry Shake
Cherry Ice Cream Punch
Chocolate Mint Drink
Cranberry Punch Recipe
Cranberry Punch
Easy Fruit Punch
Frosted Coffee Cooler
Frosty Orange Cooler
Fruit Punch Recipe
Fruit Punch with Orange Juice and Lemonade
Georgia Mint Julep with Peach Brandy
Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows
Hot Mulled Cider
Hot Mulled Cranberry Punch
Hot Spiced Cider
Hot Spiced Cider II
Hot Spiced Cider III
Hot Weather Punch
Iced Tea Southern-Style
Iced Tea with Vanilla and Fresh Mint
Irish Coffee with Whipped Cream and Whiskey
Kentucky Mint Julep
Lemonade with Fresh Mint
Lemonade Spritzer
Magnolia Milk Punch
Mango Tango Smoothie
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Mint Julep
Mint Tea
Mocha Beverage
Mocha Milk Shake
Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate
Old Southern Berry Shrub
Orange Apricot Tea
Orange Blush
Orange Cream
Orange Fizz
Orange Ice Cream Soda
Orange Mint Tea Recipe
Party Punch with Cranberry Juice
Peach Melba Float
Peach Shake
Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
Pineapple Iced Tea
Sangria from Vicki
Scuppernong Wine
Slippery Run Tea
Smoothie with Strawberries and Lemon Yogurt
Spiced Apple Juice
Spiced Banana Shake
Spiced Cocoa
Spiced Peach Delight
Spiced Pineapple Punch
Strawberry Ice Cream Soda
Strawberry Ice Cream Soda with Cream Soda
Strawberry Julep
Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie Drink
Sunshine Smoothie
Teaberry Sangria
Thick Peach Shake

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