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Kirk's Muscadine Wine

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Kirk's Muscadine Wine
This is an old-time muscadine wine recipe, shared by Kirk.


  • 1 quart mashed fruit (muscadines)
  • 3 quarts water
  • 6 cups sugar
  • yeast


Dissolve sugar in water put mashed fruit in with water and sprinkle yeast on top. Do not stir till the next day then stir every day for a week. Strain off liquid and place in a container with an air lock of some type for 6 weeks to allow fermentation to complete itself. Strain off again and bottle; cap lightly for 3 days to allow for any more fermentation to cease. Cap and store in a cool place. This recipe works with muscadines, blackberries, even apples.....makes a good tasting old fashion type wine with less alcohol than the vodka mixture.
Kirk's notes:
The recipe for the one gallon jug will actually make three quarts unless after initial fermentation...when racked off to the air lock...you add the additional liquid to make the full gallon. What we used to do was use a 3 1/2 gallon pickle jug for initial fermentation and put a little extra liquid in it and rack to three one gallon jugs with air locks for final fermentation.

Makes 1 gallon of muscadine wine.


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 5 out of 5
Working on it now..., Member dixie67stang

I am currently 2 days into the process. It seems easy enough, will post updates and pictures as I go through. Not sure about everyone else (I'm a newbie to the winemaking process), but I washed and de-stemmed the grapes before smushing them in a bowl with a potato masher. Quite messy as they splashed and squirted out of the bowl (might use a grease splash-guard next time). I picked about a 3 gal clean mop-bucket full of scuppernongs, so I have 5x the recipe going right now. 5 qts of grapes, 60 cups of water, 30 cups of sugar (about half a 25lbs bag), and two packages of wine yeast following the directions on the wine yeast package for prep. I put it all in a clear Sterilite bin with a locking lid (Walmart-$5.00). I am going to make this batch, test it, and then try a small batch with turbinado sugar instead. A little more expensive, but I'm wondering if the difference in the sugar will alter the taste of the wine....

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