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Bread Machine Recipes

Several recipes for the bread machine, including jalapeno bread, Cajun bread and buttermilk-honey bread.

Bread Machine Pumpkin Bread
This is a tasty yeast bread made with the bread machine. It's especially nice in the fall or winter.

Country White Bread
Country white bread is a bread machine white bread with a delicious chewy texture, perfect for toast or sandwiches. Make this bread for the best grilled cheese or turkey sandwiches.

Beer Pizza Dough
This is an easy beer pizza dough I make in my bread machine, but it could be made with a stand mixer (with dough hook) or it could be kneaded by hand.

Bread Machine Cranberry Sage Bread
This bread machine yeast bread is enhanced with dried cranberries, a little orange zest, and dried basil.

Bread Machine Focaccia Recipe With Basil
This recipe makes a focaccia loaf for 4, a delicious flat bread recipe made in the bread machine.

Bread Machine Beet Bread
This bread is made with cooked or canned beets, whole wheat flour, and a little butter. Beet bread is a great way to include beets in your diet.

Blueberry Buns With Vanilla Icing
These buns are easy to knead and let rise in the bread machine. Blueberry pull-apart buns for the bread machine with a delicious vanilla icing.

Sweet Autumn Bread - Bread Machine Maple Bread
Maple syrup sweetens this delicious bread. A bread machine bread made with maple syrup and a little whole wheat flour along with the bread flour.

Blue Cornmeal Bread for the Bread Machine
Blue cornmeal gives this bread machine bread a light bluish tint, and it's great toasted. Try this easy bread machine yeast bread recipe.

Bread Machine Herb and Parmesan Bread
A delicious herb and Parmesan loaf, the perfect bread to bake and serve with lasagna, spaghetti, or soup. Use fresh chopped herbs or use about 1 tablespoon of dried leaf herbs.

Buttermilk Pizza Dough
Pizza dough is made with buttermilk powder and a little cornmela, along with vegetable oil and water. A pizza dough with cornmeal and buttermilk.

Bread Machine Pizza Dough
This is an easy pizza dough to prepare, and the bread machine does most of the work. A little whole wheat flour and a dash of garlic powder give it texture and flavor.

Whole Wheat Cornmeal Bread for the Bread Machine
This bread machine whole wheat bread is an excellent choice for toast or sandwiches. Cornmeal and whole wheat give this yeast bread lots of flavor.

Bread Machine Pizza Dough
This makes enough pizza dough for two 12-inch thick-crust pizzas. Freeze half of the dough if you're making only 1 pizza.

Milk and Honey Bread
Milk and honey bread is a bread machine bread made with honey and milk, along with butter and bread flour.

Bread Machine Pumpkin Quick Bread
This pumpkin bread is easy to prepare in the bread machine on the cake cycle. A bread machine pumpkin bread recipe for fall.

Bread Machine Jalapeno Cheese Bread
Bread machine jalapeno cheese bread with cornmeal and jalapeno chile peppers. Jalapeno pepper bread

Oatmeal Bread Recipe - Bread Machine Recipe
An oatmeal bread for the bread machine, with yeast, oats, bread flour, and other ingredients.

Honey Buttermilk Bread - Honey Buttermilk Bread Recipe
This is a top-rated recipe for a flavorful honey buttermilk bread or rolls, prepared in the bread machine.

Beer Cheese Bread Recipe - Bread Machine Recipe
Beer cheese bread for the bread machine.

Garlic Parsley Bread Recipe
A garlic parsley bread recipe for the bread machine.

Jalapeno Bread Recipe - Bread Machine
Here's a tasty jalapeno bread for the bread machine. The yeast bread is flavored with jalapeno peppers and Monterey Jack cheese.

South Carolina Rice Bread - Bread Machine
Bread machhine rice bread recipe with butter and cooked rice.

Bread Machine Hamburger Buns or Hot Dog Buns
A recipe for homemade bread machine breadmaker hamburger buns or hot dog buns.

Bea's Dark Pumperknickel Bread - Bread Machine Pumpernickel
This is a favorite pumpernickel bread from Bea, made in the bread machine. A bread machine pumpernickel.

Herb Bread Recipe with Variations
Herb bread, made in the bread machine. Recipe for Herb Bread from our forum.

Tomato Basil Bread Recipe
Sun dried tomatoes and basil flavor this tasty bread machine loaf.

Bread Machine Tropical Bread
A recipe for a bread machine loaf made with banana, pineapple, and coconut, along with other tropical ingredients.

Crusty French Bread - Bread Machine Recipe
This is a delicious French bread recipe, made in the bread machine. A crusty French bread for the bread machine.

Sweet Potato Yeast Bread - Bread Machine Recipe
Recipe for sweet potato bread made in the bread machine. This bread is made with mashed sweet potatoes.

Spiced Date Bread - Bread Machine Date Bread Recipe
Recipes for yeast breads made in the bread machine. This is a yeast bread, for the bread machine, made with chopped dates and cinnamon.

Oatmeal Molasses Bread - Bread Machine Recipe
Recipes for yeast breads made in the bread machine. This is an oatmeal molasses bread.

Pumpernickel Bread
This is a dark pumpernickel bread, made in the bread machine, with optional caraway seeds.

Cinnamon Buns for the Bread Machine
These cinnamon buns are started in the bread machine, then they're rolled, sliced, and baked. They're made with a buttery cinnamon filling, with optional raisins or pecans.

Cajun Bread
A bread machine recipe, this bread includes onion, bell pepper, garlic and Cajun or Creole seasoning.

Banana Pecan Bread
This easy banana bread, made with the bread machine, was shared on our forum.

Glazed Donuts
These doughnuts rise in the refrigerator overnight. Glaze with chocolate or vanilla icing.

Herb Bread
This bread machine recipe includes rosemary and oregano. Shared by Liz.

Sally Lunn
This bread machine Sally Lunn is prepared and baked in the bread machine.

Romano Oregano Bread
This delicious, fragrant oregano bread is made in the bread machine. It's made with Romano or Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and oregano.

Sweet Potato Quick Bread
Bake this tasty quick bread with the cake setting.

Bread Machine Recipes

Here are some of my favorite bread machine recipes, including pizza dough recipes, herb breads, jalapeno cheese bread, beet bread, basic white bread, French bread, and many more.

Basil Parmesan Bread
Basil and parmesan bread for the bread machine, made with dried leaf basil, Parmesan cheese, and a little garlic.

Sweet Potato Rolls
These sweet potato rolls are easy to prepare in the bread machine, then you just shape, arrange in a baking pan, and pop them in the oven. Bake these for a Thanksgiving dinner or fall meal.

Hearty Mustard and Herb Bread
This hearty mustard and herb bread is easy to make in the bread machine, and it's great with leftover ham or roast beef sandwiches.

Oatmeal Bread
Ingredients include honey, molasses and oats. For the bread machine.

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