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Bread Recipes: Yeast Breads, Bread Machine, Pancakes, Quick Breads

A big variety of bread recipes, including yeast breads, cornbread and biscuits, breakfast breads, and many more.
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  2. Biscuit Recipes (?)
  3. Bread Machine (?)
  4. Coffee Cakes
  5. Cornbread Recipes (?)
  6. Doughnuts and Fritters (?)
  7. Muffin Recipes (69)
  8. Pancakes and Waffles (?)
  9. Pizza Dough Recipes (?)
  10. Quick Bread Recipes (?)
  11. Sandwich Recipes
  12. Sweet Roll Recipes (?)
  13. Yeast Bread Recipes (69)

16 of Our Favorite Muffin Recipes
Here are 16 of our best muffin recipes, along with some helpful tips for mixing and baking perfect muffins.

Dumplings for Stew
These are basic soft dough dumplings for stew, similar to biscuits, rolled and cut into pieces. Not what you're looking for? Links to drop dough dumplings recipe, too.

Drop Dumplings for Stew
These drop dumplings are great on chicken or beef stew. Add a little chopped parsley or your favorite herb blend.

Croutons - Easy Croutons Recipe
This is an easy way to make croutons from a baguette.

Quick and Easy Garlic Bread Strips
Easy garlic bread strips, made with French or Italian bread, butter, and garlic powder.

Basic Dumplings
Top your favorite stew with dumplings - a basic dumpling recipe made with biscuit mix.

Italian Easter Bread Recipe
This Easter bread recipe was shared on our forum.

Italian Easter Bread Recipe
This recipe for Italian Easter Bread was shared on our forum. An Easter Bread recipe.

Crepes Recipe - Crepe Batter Recipe
Crepe recipes - recipe for crepe batter and variations for dessert crepes and cheese crepes and cornmeal crepes and others. Crepes recipe.

Bread Recipes
This is the main index of bread recipes, including biscuits, cornbread, dinner rolls, sandwich buns, biscuits, fritters, and more.

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