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Southern Cakes

Three famous Southern cakes


One particularly popular Southern cake is the Lady Baltimore Cake, a rich and delicious white cake with a fluffy frosting full of nuts and raisins. It's a South Carolina classic with many different versions in dozens of Southern cookbooks. According to one story, the cake was first baked by Alicia Rhett Mayberry of Charleston, South Carolina for novelist Owen Wister. Wister was supposedly so fond of the cake, he described it in his next book and even named the novel "Lady Baltimore" (1906).

The Lane Cake, a layer cake with a filling of nuts, coconut, and chopped fruits, was named after Emma Rylander Lane of Clayton, Alabama. She first published the recipe under the name "Prize Cake" in her cookbook "Some Good Things To Eat" (1898). According to Jeff Smith, in "The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American," the real joy is not the cake itself but the filling.

The Apple Stack Cake has its roots in the southern Appalachian mountains. Made with a filling of dried apples and batter stacked in six to eight layers, it's one of the earliest desserts of the region.


Lady Baltimore Cake
Lane Cake
Apple Stack Cake

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