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Cheese Spreads and Appetizer Cheese Balls

Several cheese spreads, including basil cheese spread, pimiento cheese spread, cheese balls and cheese log recipes.

Guinness and Cheddar Spread
A little Dijon mustard and Guinness Stout flavor this tasty Cheddar cheese spread. Serve with assorted crackers or toasted baguette slices.

Easy Pimiento Cheese Spread
This homemade pimiento cheese spread is a snap to prepare, and it's great on sandwiches. This would also be good served with crackers or used as a filling for celery ribs or cherry tomatoes.

Mini Cheddar Cheese Balls - Cheese Ball Appetizer Recipe
A recipe for mini cheddar cheese balls, served with assorted crackers. Arrange these mini cheese balls in muffin cup liners and serve with assorted crackers.

Blue Cheese and Walnut Spread
Walnuts add flavor and texture to this tasty blue cheese spread. Serve his easy blue cheese spread with crackers or toasted baguette slices.

Herb Cheese Spread
Herb cheese spread, with cream cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, parsley, chives, and other ingredients.

Cheese Ball with Blue Cheese
Cream cheese, blue cheese, and Cheddar cheese spread are combined in this nicely seasoned cheese ball. The cheese ball is coated with a mixture of minced parsley and pecans.

Beef and Cream Cheese Spread
A great dip for the Super Bowl, New Year's Eve, or any special occasion.  Chopped green and red bell pepper give this dip festive color and flavor, and the sour cream gives it a creaminess. 

Beer Cheese Spread Recipe
Swiss and Cheddar cheeses team up in this hearty beer cheese spread. Garlic and a little mustard and Worcestershire season this spread.

Tuna Pecan Cheese Ball
This appetizer spread is made with cream cheese, tuna, pecans, and olives. It's a tasty cheese ball, an excellent choice for a party appetizer. Serve it with toasted French bread slices or crackers.

Three Cheese Spread
Cheese spread with cream cheese, blue cheese, American or Cheddar cheese, and fresh chopped chives, along with other seasonings.

Zesty Cheese Ball with Dried Beef and Pecans
This cheese ball is a family favorite from a forum member. It's made with cream cheese, chipped beef, and chopped pecans.

Two Party Rye Spreads Recipe
Two party rye spreads from our forum. Easy party rye spreads - half with red peppers and walnuts and the other half with purchased or homemade pesto.

Salmon Party Log
A little horseradish and liquid smoke add  flavor this tasty salmon and cream cheese log. Serve this cheese log with crackers, toasted bread rounds, or melba toasts.

Salmon Ball Appetizer Spread
This salmon cheese  ball recipe shared by Janet, a tasty spread made with horseradish and cream cheese.

Herbed Cream Cheese Ball
This simple herbed cream cheese ball is rolled in coarsely ground black pepper before serving.  Garlic, parsley, and chives add flavor to this easy appetizer spread.

Cheddar Rye Slices
Garnish these party rye cheddar appetizers with hard cooked eggs, olives, or carrot curls. Recipe for cheddar rye slices.

Celebration Cheese Ball with Pecans
This easy, basic Cheddar cheese ball is made with a chopped pecan coating. Serve with your favorite crackers.

Ambrosia Spread
Give this spread as a gift, recipe made with cream cheese, pineapple, toasted coconut, and almonds.

Hot Dried Beef Spread
A great dip for the Super Bowl, New Year's Eve, or any special occasion.  Chopped green and red bell pepper give this dip festive color and flavor, and the sour cream gives it a creaminess. 

Dottie's Shrimp Spread

Dottie's shrimp spread recipe is made with cream cheese and pimiento-stuffed olives, perfect for crackers or celery sticks.

The spread is shaped into a ball or log shape. Roll it in chopped nuts or parsley, if desired. 

Bacon and Tomato Spread or Dip
This is a simple bacon and tomato spread made with cream cheese and a little mayonnaise and garlic salt for flavor. This makes a tasty sandwich spread or appetizer dip or spread. Serve on lettuce leaves for a BLT experience.

Curried Cheese Ball with Olives
This is a tasty cheese spread flavored with curry powder and garlic. Pimiento stuffed olives and chopped pecans add texture to this cheese ball.

Cheese Spread with Blue Cheese
A tasty cheese spread made with cream cheese and blue cheese, along with a little grated onion, parsley, and seasonings. Cheese spread recipe for parties or gatherings.

Pecan Cheese Ball
This cheese ball is a simple combination of cheeses, shaped into a ball and rolled in finely chopped pecans. Serve the cheese ball with your favorite crackers.

Dried Beef Cheese Ball Recipe
This cheese ball recipe is an old favorite, made with dried beef, cream cheese, and Cheddar. A little horseradish adds some zip to this tasty cheese ball. 

Basil Walnut Spread
Cream cheese, Parmesan, fresh basil leaves, and walnuts give this spread a pesto-like flavor and great texture. Serve with assorted crackers or toasted baguette slices.

Celebration Cheese Ball
This is an easy and popular cheese ball recipe made with cream cheese, Cheddar, and seasonings. coat the cheese ball with chopped pecans or peanuts.

Janet's Salmon Log Appetizer
This tasty salmon log recipe comes from Janet. It's made with a little relish, celery salt, garlic powder, cream cheese, and canned salmon and pecans. This is a nice spread to serve with crackers.

Homemade Boursin Cheese Spread
A great tasting combination of cream cheese, sour cream, and seasonings make up this easy spread. Add some to mashed potatoes or a casserole, or make it to serve as a dip or spread.

Simple Shrimp Spread
Serve this tasty shrimp spread with crackers, bagels, or pita chips. This is a flavorful shrimp recipe, a great appetizer for any occasion.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread
This easy strawberry and cream cheese spread would make  a nice breakfast spread for muffins, bagels, quick bread, or biscuits.

Ham and Cheese Logs
These easy cheese logs are flavored with deviled ham and olives, and coated with chopped pecans. This makes an easy and tasty appetizer spread to serve with crackers.

Pineapple Cheese Ball
Crushed pineapple, pecans, and bell pepper flavor this delicious cheese ball. The appetizer spread is shaped into a ball and rolled in chopped pecans.

Easy Walnut Cheese Spread
A spread made with cream cheese, walnuts and olives.

Port Wine Cheese Spread
Celebrate the holidays with this port wine cheese spread recipe made with cheddar cheese and sour cream.

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