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Cream Cheese Spreads


Great cream cheese spread ideas, shared on our forum.


  • cream cheese
  • various add-ins, see below


I flavor cream cheese with California Blend garlic salt, chopped imitation crab meat and 2 pkgs. of cream cheese. Use garlic to taste, then add two more shakes. You can use this as a spead on crackers, spread this on tortilla shells and roll them up and slice them or my favorite is to use in making of crab ragoon. I have also used a pkg. of dry Italian seasoning mix. I spread this on cocktail rye then I add a slice of cucumber and sprinkle dill on top.

A salsa dip contains 2 pkgs. of cream cheese, 1 large jar of cheez whiz, 1 small jar of salsa. Mix all and heat until smooth.

Garlic pretzel dip. 2 pkgs. of cream cheese, 1 jar of cheez whiz and garlic to taste. Beat until smooth.

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