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Cherry Recipes - Recipes with Cherries

Cherry recipes, including cherry pies, cakes, desserts, breads, and others. A number of cherry recipes, using fresh or canned cherries.

Cherry Cheese Muffin Cup Pies
These easy little muffin cup pies are the perfect dessert for a party or big family meal.

Easy Cherry Cobblers
Cherry pie filling and easy drop biscuits make this a quick and easy cobbler recipe to prepare and bake.

Cherry Pretzel Dessert
The crunchy pretzel crunch makes this dessert extra special, and cherry pie filling makes it easy to prepare.

Easy Cherry Dessert
This quick and easy cherry dessert is made with graham cracker crumbs, sour cream, and cherry pie filling. Delicious, and a snap to prepare!

Cherry Muffins
Use fresh chopped cherries in these muffins, or use frozen cherries. 

Easy Cobbler Cherry Pie
This simple dessert is made with cherry pie filling and a quick and easy cake-like crust. This is a cherry cobbler made in a pie plate.

Cherry Cobbler Recipe - Cherry Cobbler With Optiona Nuts
This cherry cobbler is made with canned cherries, sugar, and other ingredients including optional nuts for topping. A delicious cherry cobbler recipe.

Cherry Crumb Cake
This delicious crumb cake is made with fresh cherries and a wonderful spiced brown sugar topping. Use this divine cake as a coffee cake, or add a scoop of ice cream and serve it as a dessert.

Cherry Crisp Recipe - Cherry Crisp With Cookie Crumb Crust
A cherry crisp recipe with vanilla cookie crumb crust.

Cherry Crumb Bars
Cake mix and cherry pie filling make these great tasting bars super easy to prepare and bake.

Fresh Cherry Crumble
This is an easy cherry crumble, made with fresh pitted cherries and a brown sugar and chopped nut topping. Make this crumble in individual ramekins.

Cherry and Nut Cookies
These butter cookies are made with maraschino cherries and chopped nuts. These make great Christmas cookies.

Cherry Upside-Down Cake Recipe
This upside down cake is made with a can of cherry pie filling and an easy vanilla  cake batter.

Cherry Cobbler
This cherry cobbler is made with a filling of canned cherries and a simple batter topping.

Layered Pudding Delight
This easy, popular dessert is made with layers of cherry pie filling, graham crackers, pudding, and whipped topping.

Cherry Cheese Pie Recipe
This easy cheesecake style pie is made with a graham cracker crust and cherry pie filling.

Cherry Cheesecake Pie
This easy cheesecake pie is made with pie filling and a graham cracker crust.

Cherry Cookie Turnovers
These turnover cookies are baked with a maraschino cherry and orange juice filling.

Cherry Nut Bread Recipe with Cherry Brown Sugar Topping
Cherry nut bread with candied cherries, walnuts, All-Bran cereal, and other ingredients. This quick bread recipe is topped with a mixture of candied cherries, brown sugar, butter, and chopped nuts.

Cherry Supreme Pie
From Dottie, this delicious cherry pie is made with a cream cheese and fruit filling in a graham cracker crust.  Using blueberries in one pie and cherries in the other, this is a great dessert for the July 4th holiday.

Cherry Dessert with Crumb Topping
This cherry crumble dessert is made with cherry pie filling and a simple oat topping.

Black Forest Cake
This cake is quick and easy to prepare with a cake mix, cherry liqueur, pie filling, and whipped cream.

Easy Cherry Cake
A cake mix and cherry pie filling make this cake easy. It's a good cake to bake on a busy day.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Bars
Maraschino cherries, salted peanuts, and chocolate chips are among the ingredients in these tasty bars. 

Rhubarb Cherry Pie
This double crust rhubarb pie is made with canned tart cherries and fresh rhubarb.

Easy Cherry Pie Filling
Make your own pie filling with fresh pitted cherries, cornstarch, and sugar.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies
Jessica's  cookies are made with cocoa, maraschino cherries, chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk.

Easy Cherry Rum Balls
Cherry rum balls are similar to bourbon balls, made with vanilla wafer crumbs, candied cherries, pecans, and butters.

Festive Cherry Pie
This two crust pie is made with canned sour cherries with a little almond flavoring your favorite pie pastry.

Texas Skillet Cobbler
This is a great tasting iron skillet cobbler made with a cherry filling.

Festive Cherry Nut Bread
This quick bread is made with bran cereal, chopped candied cherries, chopped walnuts, and other ingredients.

Fresh Cherry Cobbler
Fresh cherry cobbler recipe made with almond extract, tart cherries, and topping ingredients. A fresh cherry cobbler, baked.

Chocolate Fudge Cherry Cake
A chocolate cake mix and cherry pie filling make this chocolate cherry cake quick and easy to prepare and bake.

Cherry Pie
Use a purchased pie crust for this pie with cream cheese and cherry filling.

Fresh Cherry Dessert
An easy dessert, made with fresh cherries, sugar, banana, pecans or walnuts, and whipped cream.

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