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Chicken Pie Recipes

Chicken pie recipes, including chicken pot pies and biscuit-topped pies.

Chicken Pie With Herb Pastry
This is a large deep dish 2-crust chicken pie with a great tasting herb pastry crust and rich, delicious filling.

Chicken Pot Pie With Puff Pastry Crust
A puff pastry crust makes this chicken pot pie easy to prepare and it makes a delicious family meal. Serve this savory pie with a tossed salad or sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.

Chicken Pie With Herbs
This flavorful chicken pot pie is topped with your choice of a puff pastry or pie pastry. The pie is flavored with fresh chives and parsley, and it's made with boneless chicken breasts.

Chicken Pot Pie With Sour Cream Pastry
This flavorful homemade chicken pie is baked in a casserole with a sour cream pastry top crust. The chicken filling includes artichoke hearts, celery, carrots, and mushrooms.

Quick and Easy Chicken Pie
A biscuit mix topping, purchased prepared gravy, and frozen vegetables make this chicken pie a snap to prepare.

Chicken and Dumpling Pie
This chicken pie is baked with an herb dumpling topping. The pie filling is made with diced cooked chicken, hard cooked eggs, and vegetables.

Country Chicken Pot Pie
This is an old-fashioned chicken pie, cooked on the stove top with strips of dough. It is similar to chicken and dumplings.

Brunswick Chicken Casserole
This chicken pie is a Brunswick stew mixture topped with refrigerated buttermilk biscuits.

Two-Crust Chicken Pie
This savory chicken pie is filled with diced chicken, mushrooms, herbs, and cooked peas.

Southern Chicken Pie
This simple pie is made with chicken, hard cooked eggs, and seasonings, with a pastry top crust.

Deep Dish Chicken Pie Recipe
Use a purchased or homemade pie pastry in this deep dish chicken pie. The pie is made with cooked chicken, broth, and a variety of vegetables.

Southern Chicken and Ham Pie Recipe
Diced chicken and ham team up in this flavorful chicken pie. 

Chicken Pie with Biscuit Dough Topping
An easy biscuit dough tops this simple chicken pot pie. The filling is made with lots of chicken, a thickened broth, and seasonings.

Chicken Turnovers
An easy pastry forms the crust for these delicious chicken turnovers. 

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
This basic chicken pie is made with a simple biscuit mix topping. 

Chicken Pot Pie with Peas and Carrots
This tasty pie is made with cooked chicken, fresh carrots, a variety of herbs, frozen peas, and a homemade or purchased top crust.

Chicken Pot Pie with Sour Cream Biscuits
This tasty chicken pie is made with a cream gravy and a sour cream biscuit dough.

Two Crust Chicken Pie
This great tasting chicken pie is filled with lots of chicken in a creamy seasoned sauce.

Turkey or Chicken Pot Pie
This homemade pot pie is great with turkey or chicken. It's made with a top and bottom crust, vegetables, and cooked turkey or chicken.

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