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Chicken , Turkey, and other Poultry Recipes

A variety of chicken recipes, including recipes for the crockpot, fried chicken, grilled, oven chicken, and many more.
  1. Chicken Recipes (509)
  2. Cornish Game Hen Recipes (10)
  3. Duck and Goose Recipes (?)
  4. Turkey Recipes (?)

50 Easy Chicken Recipes
Whether you're looking for easy recipes for the skillet, oven, grill, or the slow cooker, you're sure to find a good recipe in this top 50 easy chicken recipe list. These are some of the favorite chicken recipes on this site, including easy recipes for chicken breasts, chicken legs, whole chicken, quarters, and more.

Easy Baked Chicken Recipes
Looking for an easy baked chicken recipe? Here are more than two dozen of my favorite baked chicken recipes, along with highly rated visitor favorites.

Chicken Recipes
Chicken recipes include casseroles, chicken pie recipes, skillet chicken, some soups and stews, baked chicken, and many more favorite chicken recipes. These chicken recipes use chicken thighs, whole chickens, chicken legs, chicken quarters, and chicken breasts.

Top Picks: Baked Chicken Recipes
Here are several delicious baked chicken recipes, including baked chicken with vegetables, budget chicken leg quarters, baked and roasted chicken breasts, and recipes using drumsticks or cut-up chicken.

Top Picks: Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes
A special family dinner or holiday meal deserves a very special roast, and these are some of my favorite roasted turkey recipes.

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