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Chicken Wing Recipes

Chicken wings are welcome at any party. Here are several recipes for chicken wings, including Buffalo wings, baked sesame chicken wings, and others, along with sauces for chicken wings.

Sriracha Chicken Wings
These spicy chicken marinated in a flavorful combination of Sriracha sauce, garlic, ginger, and sesame oil. Toss with more Sriracha just before serving!

Saucy Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Drumettes
These chicken drumettes are baked then tossed with a spicy homemade barbecue sauce spiked with a little Jack Daniel's Whisky.

Hot Wings
These Buffalo-style hot chicken wings are made with a homemade spicy sauce, baked to perfection. Easy and delicious!

Spicy Peanut Chicken Wings Recipe
These wings are an excellent choice if you're looking for Asian inspired flavors. The peanut sauce flavors the wings and is served on the side as a dip.

Hot and Spicy Chicken Drumettes
These well spices, great tasting chicken drumettes are baked to perfection with a spicy, crispy coating. Make these mouthwatering chicken drumettes as a party snack, game day or tailgating treat, or serve as an entree.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
These great tasting chicken wings are made with honey, soy sauce, and plenty of garlic. Serve as a snack or appetizer, or as an entree for a tasty family meal.

Top Chicken Wing Recipes
Searching for a recipe for tasty chicken wings? Here are my favorite recipes, including the most popular chicken wing recipes on this site.

Spicy Cajun Style Chicken Wings
These delicious chicken wings are baked to perfection with a spicy Cajun style marinade and sweet and hot glaze. Serve these tasty appetizer chicken wings with your favorite dipping sauce, such as a remoulade or mustard mayonnaise.

Delicious Chicken Wings
Looking for a recipe for chicken wings? These delicious chicken wing recipes are great choices for your party menu, or serve them as a main dish for a fabulous everyday meal your family will love. Recipes include barbecue, Buffalo wings, spicy wings, and sesame chicken wings.

Maple Chicken Wings
These delicious maple glazed chicken wings make a fabulous holiday appetizer or game day snack. Garnish the wings with chopped green onions, a little chopped cilantro, or toasted sesame seeds for a great snack or main dish!

Baked Buffalo Wings
These buffalo wings are easy to prepare and delicious! If you want to dial up the heat, add more Tabasco, or go with only the hot sauce if you prefer them a little milder. Serve these wings with the traditional blue cheese dressing or dip, ranch dressing, or your favorite dip.

Sesame Chicken Wings Recipe - Baked Chicken Wings with Sesame Seeds
Sesame chicken wings with garlic, green onions, sesame seeds, soy sauce, and other ingredients. Baked sesame chicken wings.

Sesame Chicken Wings
Sesame chicken wings with ginger and sesame seeds, baked in the oven with butter. Enjoy this easy chicken wing appetizer, perfect for parties and game day snacks.

Barbecued Chicken Drummettes
Chicken drummettes are baked with a homemade barbecue sauce sweetened with apricot nectar, or use peach nectar in this recipe.

Appetizer Wings Recipes - Chicken Wings in Barbecue Sauce
Liven up crockpot chicken wings recipe with barbecue sauce, worcestershire sauce, tabasco and honey. Easy crockpot chicken wings.

Broiled Barbecued Chicken Wings
Broiled chicken wings are basted with barbecue sauce, broiled to perfection in the oven. These broiled barbecued chicken wings are perfect for holiday appetizers, or a meal for four.

Chicken Wings In Teriyaki Sauce
In this easy recipe, chicken wings are slow cooked in teriyaki flavored sauce with ginger, garlic and sherry.

Honey Barbecued Chicken Wings
These honey barbecued chicken wings, shared by Liz, are purportedly similar to famous restaurant wings. They're simple to prepare with barbecue sauce and honey.

Sharon's Spicy Hot Wings
These chicken wings are made with hot sauce and simply grilled or broiled. Thanks to Sharon for sharing a family favorite chicken wing recipe!

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip
Buffalo wings are deep fried to perfection in this great tasting version of the classic dish. The easy chicken wings are served with a blue cheese dip, made with mayonnaise, blue cheese, garlic, and sour cream.

Barbecued Chicken Wings - Chicken Wings Recipe
Recipe for barbecue chicken wings with a tasty tangy sauce.

Spicy Glazed Chicken Wings Recipe - Chicken Wings with a Spiced Glaze
These chicken wings are glazed with a cinnamon and sherry glaze. Spicy glazed chicken wings recipe.

Taco Chicken Wings
Easy chicken wings are dredged in taco seasoning mix and corn chips and butter then baked to perfection. These chicken wings are easy and tasty. Use hot or mild taco seasoning mix for this flavorful wings.

Bourbon Chicken Wings
These chicken wings are marinated in a mixture of bourbon and lemon, then tossed in bread crumbs and baked. Serve the bourbon chicken wings as an entree or serve as a game day snack or holiday party appetizer.

Crockpot Buffalo Wings With Blue Cheese Dip
These wings are trimmed, broiled, then cooked in the slow cooker with chili sauce and hot pepper sauce. Serve these Buffalo wings with the included blue cheese dip.

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