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Christmas Cookie Recipes - Christmas Cookies

A big variety of Christmas cookies, including sugar cookies, spritz cookies, wreath and candy cane cookies, and more.

These all butter snickerdoodles are the perfect cookies for a Christmas or holiday party or gathering. In this recipe, the cookies are coated with an egg wash before dipping them in the cinnamon sugar, making an yummy, slightly crusty exterior. Try this version of snickerdoodles!

Chocolate Christmas Cookies
These chocolate Christmas cookies are easy to make and shape into little butterballs, rolled in sugar or powdered sugar. Delicious chocolate Christmas cookies, makes about 5 dozen.

Chocolate Crinkles
Chocolate crinkles are baked with a powdered sugar coating, leaving a crackled look on these delicious chocolate cookies.

Festive Almond Coconut Shortbread Squares
Shortbread crust with a tasty coconut and candied cherry topping. These festive bar cookies with red and green candied cherries are perfect for the holidays.

Sugar Cookies
These old-fashioned sugar cookies are made with butter and shortening, along with sprinkles or icing, if desired. Cut and decorate for any occasion.

Christmas Cookie Recipes and Tips
Here you'll find a variety of favorite Christmas cookies, along with decorating ideas, freezing tips, and more.

Cherry Ice Box Cookies
These refrigerator cookies are made with chopped candied cherries, pecans, and flavorings. Delicious icebox cookies made with butter and with chopped candied cherries.

Festive Almond Coconut Shortbread Squares
Shortbread crust with a tasty coconut and candied cherry topping. These festive bar cookies with red and green candied cherries are perfect for the holidays.

Iced Cranberry Orange Cookies
Tasty cranberry-orange drop cookies are made with butter, pecans, dried cranberries, oats, and other ingredients. Cranberry orange drop cookie recipe.

Cinnamon-Scented Christmas Shortbread
Buttery shortbread cookies are generously spiced with cinnamon and flavored with vanilla. Delicious cinnamon shortbread Christmas cookies.

Raspberry-Filled Almond Cookies
Delicious filled almond cookies with raspberry jam and cream cheese cookie dough. These delightful cookies are made with a cream cheese cookie dough, rolled in coarsely ground almonds, and filled with a dab of seedless raspberry jam.

Christmas Wreath Cookies - Butter Cookie Wreaths With Candied Fruit Decorations
Butter cookie recipe, Christmas wreath cookies with candied fruit or nut decorations, or any candy decorations you like.

Pecan Tassies - Cream Cheese Tart Cookies With Pecan Filling
These little pecan tart cookies are very popular for Christmas. Delicious pecan tassies with cream cheese cookie dough and a raisin pecan filling.

Fruitcake Balls Cookie Recipe - Fruitcake Cookies
Easy no-bake fruitcake balls, made with candied fruits, spices, graham cracker crumbs, and chopped pecans. Little fruitcake recipe with candied fruits.

Florentines - Cookies With Cream, Almonds, and Chocolate Icing
Chocolate iced Christmas cookie recipe with almonds or hazelnuts and heavy cream, along with candied orange peel.

Sour Cream Cookies - Sour Cream Cut Out Cookie Recipe
This cookie dough makes great Christmas cookies. Cookie recipe - cut out cookies can be frosted or sprinkled with sugar or spices before baking.

Corn Flake Macaroons - Corn Flake Cookies With Coconut
Easy corn flake cookies with almond and vanilla flavorings. Corn flake macaroons.

Cream Cheese Crescent Cookies
Cream cheese cookie recipe with butter and sugar and flavorings, dipped in chocolate or vanilla.

Secret Kiss Cookies - Chocolate Kiss Cookie Recipe
Secret kiss cookies are made with a butter cookie dough and chocolate candy kisses.

Cream Cheese Cookies - Cream Cheese Cookie Recipe for Christmas
Christmas cookies, a recipe for Cream Cheese Cookies, made with cream cheese, cereal, pecan halves, almond flavoring, and sugar.

Fruit Jewels Cookies Recipe
Fruit Jewels Cookie Recipe. These cookies are made with candied fruits.

Lemon Spritz Cookies Recipe - Cookie Press Lemon Cookies for Christmas
These lemon spritz cookies are a good Christmas cookies recipe choice for the holidays made with a cookie press.

Sand Tart Cookie Recipe - Christmas Sand Tarts
Sand tart cookies, a Christmas cookie baked with cinnamon sugar topping. Yummy holiday cookie recipe with cinnamon sugar topping.

Springerle - Springerle Cookies With Anise
Springerle cookies are made with anise, eggs, and sugar. A springerle cookie recipe, prepared with a springerle rolling pin.

Cherry-Nut Cookies
Chopped nuts and maraschino cherries are among the ingredients in this refrigerator cookie.

Christmas Cookies Recipe - Recipe for Christmas Cookie Cutouts
Christmas cookie recipe. These Christmas cookies are cut out and sprinkled with colored sugars.

Ribbon Cookie Recipe - Recipe for Ribbon Cookies with Chopped Cherries
Ribbon cookies are made with chocolate, candied cherries, and pecans. Ribbon cookie recipes are great for the holidays.

Cookie Press Cookie Recipe - Cookie Press Cookies with Butter
Cookie press cookies with butter and shortening. Cookie press cookie recipe, also known as a spritz cookie.

Christmas Cookies
Christmas cookie cutouts are made with butter, vanilla, eggs, and other ingredients.

Cherry Rum Balls
Made with crushed vanilla wafers, candied cherries, powdered sugar, butter, and other ingredients.

Fruit Nut Wreaths
Very pretty for the holidays!

Christmas Sand Tarts
These sugar cookies are made with cinnamon.

Christmas Lizzies
Butter cookies with chopped dates, cherries, candied fruits, pecans, and bourbon.

Classic Shortbread
Buttery shortbread recipe with butter, sugar, and flour.

Stained Glass Cookies
These stained glass cookies are made with oats, butter, and preserves for the "glass."

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