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Cobblers and Fruit Dumplings

Fruit cobbler dessert recipes and links to recipes for various fruit dumplings and crisps.
  1. Peach Cobbler Recipes

Easy Cherry Cobblers
Pie filling and quick and easy drop biscuits make this an easy and delicious fruit cobbler. Top these individual cobblers with cinnamon sugar or vanilla sugar.

Blueberry Cobbler
A delicious blueberry cobbler with a fabulous spiced drop biscuit topping. Blueberry cobbler recipe with biscuit topping.

Apple Cranberry Cobbler
Apple cranberry cobbler with apples and fresh cranberries, along with sugar and apple juice. A delicious spiced apple cobbler recipe with fresh cranberries.

Texas Skillet Cobbler Recipe
An easy cherry cobbler made in a heavy skillet. A skillet cobbler recipe with cherry pie filling.

Plum Cobbler Recipe
A plum cobbler recipe, served with ice cream or whipped cream.

Strawberry Dumplings
Strawberry dumplings are made with fresh strawberries and a sugary syrup, along with lightly sweetened drop dumplings.

Fresh Blackberry Cobbler Recipe
A fresh blackberry cobbler, with links to more cobbler recipes.

Easy Skillet Cobbler Recipe
This is an easy cobbler made in a skillet, with peaches and biscuit mix.

Easy Fruit Cobbler Recipe - Fruit Cobbler With Pie Filling
This fruit cobbler, similar to a dump cake, is an easy and popular dessert. Use your favorite fruit in this easy cobbler recipe.

Dutch Oven Cobbler Recipe
A Dutch oven cobbler recipe, or dump cake, cooked over hot coals.

Country Peach Cobbler with Pastry Crust Recipe
Country peach cobbler with pastry crust, from our forum. A peach cobbler recipe.

Plum Cobbler with Dumplings - Plum Dessert Recipe
A plum cobbler recipe with plums and oat topping. This is a plum cobbler dessert recipe.

Easy Sweet Potato Cobbler Recipe
Recipe for a sweet potato cobbler from Mississippi.

Cobbler Recipe - Patch Cobbler Recipe with Fruit
recipe patch cobbler dough patches pieces fruit filling pie filling fresh bread pieces eggs

Rhubarb Cobbler - A Rhubarb Cobbler Recipe
Rhubarb cobbler recipe is made with cut up rhubarb, sugar, butter, cinnamon, and biscuit topping. Delicious springtime rhubarb cobbler.

Blackberry Cobbler Recipe - Skillet Blackberry Cobbler
recipe blackberry cobbler skillet blackberries nutmeg butter

Apple Dumplings II
Spiced apples bundled in pastry.

Apple Blackberry Cobbler
A blackberry cobbler recipe with blackberries and apples, along with sugar, butter, and other ingredients.

Peach Apricot Cobbler Recipe - Peach Cobbler Recipe with Apricots
A peach apricot cobbler recipe with canned peaches and apricots. Peach apricot cobbler recipe.

Blueberry Cobbler
Blueberry cobbler recipe. Blueberry dessert recipe made with cinnamon and baked topping.

Apple Dumplings
From About.com An old-fashioned favorite.

Cherry Cobbler with Crumb Topping
This one is made with cherry pie filling and a low fat oatmeal topping.

Blackberry Cobbler with Pastry Strips
Baked pastry strips are layered in this old fashioned fresh blackberry cobbler.

Cookies 'n Cream Peach Cobblers
From About.com Made with refrigerated sugar cookie dough.

Country Pear Cobbler
Made with brown sugar, nutmeg, cloves and pears with a batter topping.

Apple Walnut Cobbler
A delicious combination!

Crusty Blackberry Cobbler
A blackberry cobbler recipe with homemade crust and fresh blackberries. Delicious blackberry cobbler.

Easy Skillet Cobbler
Biscuit mix makes this peach cobbler easy.

Easy Sweet Potato Cobbler
From the Mississippi Sweet Potato Council.

Delicious Peach Cobbler
Peach cobbler recipe is made with fresh, frozen, or canned peaches, butter, and other ingredients. A delicious peach cobbler recipe.

Fresh Blackberry Cobbler
Made with a soft dough topping.

Fresh Cherry Cobbler
Made with fresh tart cherries, almond extract, sugar, and other ingredients.

Fresh Peach Cobbler
Made with fresh peaches, sugar, butter, and a lightly sweetened crust.

Easy Pear Cobbler Recipe
An easy pear cobbler recipe, made with butter and cake-like batter, along with fresh peaches.

Fruit Cobblers
Recipes for cobbler, traditional fruit cobblers, sweet potato cobbler, and more.

Patch Cobbler
An old-fashioned patch cobbler made with layers of torn bread pieces.

Peach Caramel Cobbler
Made with canned peaches and refrigerated caramel rolls. An easy and tasty cobbler recipe.

Joan's Easy Peach Cobbler
Are you looking for a recipe for a quick and easy peach cobbler? Joan's peach cobbler is an old-fashioned favorite, the perfect choice for a busy family.

Peach Cobbler with Cinnamon
Peaches are spiced with ground cinnamon and topped with a soft pastry crust.

Peach Dumplings
An old-fashioned stovetop recipe using fresh sliced peaches and an easy batter.

Peach Apricot Cobbler
With canned peaches, a soft batter topping, and whipped cream with honey and cinnamon.

Peach Cobbler with Biscuit Dough
This cobbler recipe comes from an old label clipped from a can of IGA peaches.

Rhubarb Cobbler
With fresh rhubarb spiced with cinnamon and orange peel.

Vinegar Dumplings
An old recipe, shared on our forum.

Fresh Pear Cobbler
From a Mississippi cookbook, this cobbler contains fresh pears, cinnamon, and an easy batter.

Plum Cobbler with Dumplings
This recipe was shared by Liz E.

Springtime Rhubarb Cobbler
Rhubarb cobbler recipe is made with cut up rhubarb, sugar, butter, cinnamon, and biscuit topping. Delicious springtime rhubarb cobbler.

Peaches with Butter Pecan Dumplings
From Martha White flour company.

Suzi's Peach Cobbler
An easy baked peach cobbler, from Miz Suzi.

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