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Winona's Turnip Greens


Thanks to Winona for sharing this recipe.


  • turnip greens
  • bacon drippings
  • salt and pepper


Re: cooking turnip greens--My mother always cooked turnip greens as well as other types of greens this way: After washing well and removing any tough stems, she would put them in a large kettle/pan with water and bring to a boil. She would then pour off that water to remove the bitter taste. Then she would add more water (just enough to keep them from burning, maybe to where she could see it in the greens) and cook until tender. She would then remove them from the water, place in a skillet with some bacon grease, salt and pepper and cook them down until they were wilted and very tender. She did not usually add any meat because the bacon taste was so good. This is the way I still cook them. Of course, most of us think our mother was the best cook ever.

shared by Winona

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