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Top 7 Cookbooks for Kids


Whimsical recipe titles and cute illustrations help make these cookbooks great reading for kids while they teach about food science, nutrition, kitchen safety, and cooking healthy meals. Most include recipes the whole family will enjoy.

1. Feed Me! I'm Yours

I relied on this cookbook when I was making baby food and snacks for my own children. Recipes and techniques for making baby and toddler foods, plus many finger foods, crackers, crafts, and snacks. It makes a great gift for a new mother!
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2. There's a Chef in my Soup!

This cookbook, from TV Chef Emeril Lagasse, includes healthy recipes with whimsical names the kids will love. Fun Recipe titles include My-Oh-My Spaghetti Pie, Cinnamon Toast of Love, Twist Yourself a Pretzel, and Make-You-Strong Spinach. Each recipe gives safety information, tools needed, and food facts.
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3. Cooking Healthy with Kids in Mind

Recipes for healthy food the whole family will enjoy, along with tips on fitness and nutrition for kids.
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4. Familyfun Cookbook

From the Family Fun Magazine staff, this cookbook is a great resource for busy families. Plenty of recipes for children, plus many tips and activities.
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5. Hocus-Pocus Magical Cookbook

Here's a whimsical cookbook with magical recipe titles. Each recipe includes nutritional information and food facts.
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6. Kids' First Cookbook

From the American Cancer Society, this cookbook includes nutritional information, tips for parents, and low-fat dishes. Recipe titles include Worms in the Mud and Taco Pyramid.
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7. The American Heart Association Kids' Cookbook

This cookbook helps teach kids how to choose healthier ingredients and work safely in the kitchen. More than 30 recipes with nutritional information and step-by-step instructions.
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