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Copycat and Restaurant Recipes

Restaurant and copycat recipes for foods and dishes similar to brand name favorites.

Tiramisu Recipe
A restaurant style tiramisu recipe, made with sponge cake, coffee, rum, cream cheese, and fine sugar.

Easy Dirty Rice Recipe - Copycat Dirty Rice
Easy dirty rice recipe with sausage and rice.

Soy Green Onion Salad Dressing Recipe
A soy sauce dressing recipe with green onions and honey.

Marinade Recipes
Recipes for marinades for steak and for chicken and pork. Marinade recipes for meat and poultry and pork

Myzithra Cheese Sauce Recipe
Romano cheese can be used as a substitute for the Myzithra cheese. A cheese sauce with Myzithra cheese or Romano.

Tartar Sauce Recipe
This tartar sauce is similar to tartar sauce you'll find at restaurant chains, such as Red Lobster.

Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe With Ketchup
A sweet and sour sauce recipe which is supposed to be similar to a tasty sauce served at Red Lobster restaurants.

/Pork Chop Sauce Recipe - A Restaurant-Style Sauce for Pork Chops
This sauce is a nice accompaniment for pork chops, and is purported to be similar to a famous down-under restaurant sauce.

Quick and Easy Scampi Sauce
This shrimp scampi sauce mixture is purported to be similar to a restaurant chain's dish. Scroll down to see more shrimp scampi recipes.

House Dressing Recipe - A Typical Restaurant Style Salad Dressing
A typical house dressing recipe, made with prepared dressing and herbs, along with a little sugar and garlic.

Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce Recipe
A sweet and sour sauce recipe for chicken nuggets. Sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Easy House Ranch-Style Dressing
Ranch dressing mixture, a basic restaurant-style combination. A ranch dressing recipe with mayonnaise and buttermilk.

Honey Mustard Sauce Recipe
Use this hu=oney mustard sauce as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets. A honey mustard sauce recipe for chicken nuggets or wings.

Honey Butter Recipe
Use this honey butter on sweet potatoes or with other vegetables.

Spicy Mustard
A spicy mustard recipe, restaurant style.

Ranch Style Dressing Recipe
Ranch style dressing mix and ingredients for making the dressing. A homemade ranch dressing mix.

Mustard Sauce Recipe for Sandwich Spread, Dip, or Other Uses
A mustard and vinegar sauce recipe purported to be similar to a famous commercial sauce.

Mild Salsa Recipe
An easy mild salsa with fresh and canned tomatoes and green onions.

Tomato and Spice Dressing
A tomato spice dressing recipe, similar to a fast food restaurant chain's dressing. Use this dressing with shrimp or on sandwiches, or with a salad.

Chicken Gravy Recipe - Restaurant-Style Chicken Gravy
This chicken gravy is easy to make, and is purported to be similar to a fast food restaurant's gravy.

Hot Bacon Dressing Recipe
This hot bacon dressing is good on spinach salad or other greens, or use for hot potato salad dressing.

Restaurant Style Barbecue Sauce Recipe
A restaurant-style barbecue sauce recipe.

Japanese Restaurant-Style Salad Dressing - Japanese Salad Dressing Recipe
A Japanese salad dressing recipe similar to Japanese restaurant dressings, with ginger, soy sauce, tomato paste, celery, onions, and other ingredients.

Mustard Sauce Recipe
An Asian restaurant style mustard sauce recipe, made with garlic, cream, and mustard.

Ginger Sauce Recipe for Shrimp
Use this ginger sauce with shrimp. Easy ginger sauce recipe, purportedly similar to a ginger sauce from a restaurant chain.

Restaurant-Style Baked Potato Toppings
Baked potato toppings similar to restaurant favorites. Broccoli and cheese, chili, and sour cream toppings.

Enchirito Recipe - Restaurant Inspired Enchirito Recipe
A restaurant-inspired Enchirito, with ground beef, chili powder, onion, refried beans, and other ingredients.

Hawaiian Chicken - Restaurant Inspired Chicken Recipe
A restaurant inspired Hawaiian chicken recipe with pineapple, soy sauce, and other ingredients.

Restaurant Style Fried Chicken Recipe
Fried chicken recipe, restaurant style, with corn flake crumbs and seasonings.

Cavatini - Cavatini Pasta Recipe
A recipe similar to a pizza restaurant's pasta dish. A cavatini pasta recipe.

Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe
This fettuccine recipe is purportedly similar to one served at a famous Italian restaurant chain.

Cheese Soup Recipe
An easy restaurant-style cheese soup recipe, made with canned soups, cheese, and other ingredients.

Fried Fish Recipe
A fried fish recipe, reminiscent of a fast food favorite. An easy fried fish recipe.

Taco Recipe With Ground Beef and Beans
A copycat taco recipe, similar to fast food tacos, with ground beef, refried beans, chili powder, and other ingredients.

Fish Nuggets - Deep Fried Fish Nuggets
These fish nuggets are similar to fast food fish nuggets. A fried fish nugget recipe.

Fried Chicken Recipe - Copycat Fried Chicken Recipe
Another fried chicken recipe which is purported to taste like a famous restaurant chain's fried chicken.

Chicken and Biscuit - Chicken on a Biscuit Recipe
Chicken is cooked in sauce and served spooned over biscuits. Chicken and biscuits recipe.

Chicken Coating Mix for Fried Chicken
Chicken coating for fried chicken, purportedly similar to a mixture of herbs and seasonings for famous restaurant chicken.

Rotisserie Chicken - Baked Chicken Recipe Tastes Like Rotisserie Chicken
This chicken is purported to be like a famous fast food chicken chain's rotisserie chicken. Easy to make, with oil, honey, lime juice, paprika, and salt, along with boneless chicken breast halves.

Seared Steak With Rice and Mushrooms
A Japanese restaurant-style steak, made with sirloin steak and mustard sauce, served with rice. Steak recipe with tasty mustard sauce.

Deep Fried Onion Flowers
Deep fried whole onion flowers, similar to the ones made at a famous restaurant.

Shrimp With Basil and Linguine
This shrimp recipe is based on a restaurant recipe, with shrimp, fresh basil, butter, garlic, and cheese, along with linguine and seasonings.

Shrimp With Ginger Sauce
This dish is purportedly similar to a dish served in a famous Japanese restaurant. Shrimp with a ginger sauce.

Tortellini With Tomato Basil Cream Sauce
This tortellini recipe, with a tomato and basil cream sauce, is purported to be similar to a restaurant recipe.

Spaghetti Sauce Recipe With Lean Ground Beef and Tomatoes
This spaghetti sauce is purported to be similar to the Olive Garden's delicious spaghetti sauce.

Shrimp Primavera Recipe - Shrimp With Pasta
Shrimp with pasta and vegetables, a shrimp primavera recipe, similar to a famous restaurant recipe.

Seafood and Pasta Recipe Similar to Olive Garden
A seafood torcello recipe with pasta, fish, and seafood, similar to a famous restaurant recipe.

Pasta With Broccoli - Copycat Pasta Recipe
This recipe is purported to be similar to an Olive Garden recipe. A pasta and broccoli recipe.

Neopolitan Ziti - Olive Garden Style Ziti Recipe
Neopolitan style ziti, similar to Olive Garden recipe. Ziti recipe with sausage and cheese

Vegetable Lasagna Recipe
A vegetable lasagna recipe similar to an Olive Garden lasagna.

Chicken Marsala, Olive Garden Style
Chicken Marsala recipe with oregano or basil, mushrooms, and Marsala wine.

Olive Garden Style Capellini Primavera - Angel Hair Pasta Recipe
Angel hair pasta recipe with vegetables and herbs and butter.

Capellini Pomodoro - Olive Garden Copycat Recipe
An angel hair pasta recipe, an Olive Garden style copycat recipe. Capellini Pomodoro recipe with angel hair pasta, basil, and plum tomatoes.

Pasta Roma Soup - Olive Garden-Style Soup Recipe With Bow Tie Pasta
Pasta Roma soup recipe with bow tie pasta, tomatoes, herbs, bacon, and beans.

Eggnog Cookies - Copycat Eggnog Cookie Recipe
Eggnog cookie recipe, made with eggnog, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Onion Soup - Onion Soup Similar to Bennigan's Onion Soup
An onion soup recipe purported to be similar to Bennigan's onion soup.

Jenn's Cheese Garlic Biscuits - Red Lobster Style Biscuit Recipe
recipes red lobster biscuits cheese garlic

Cheese Biscuits Recipe - Biscuits with Cheese and Butter
cheese biscuit recipe

Garlic Biscuits Recipe
Recipe for Garlic Biscuits archived from Joan, similar to Red Lobster's famous biscuits.

Garlic Cheese Biscuits Recipe
Recipe for Red Lobster-style biscuits shared on our forum.

Garlic Cheese Biscuits Recipe - Red Lobster Style Cheese Biscuits
Recipe for Garlic Cheese Biscuits shared on our forum. A recipe for cheese biscuits, purporting to be a knockoff of the famous Red Lobster biscuits.

Red Lobster-Style Cheese Garlic Biscuits Recipe
Recipe Cheese-Garlic Biscuits, shared by Mary. These biscuits are supposed to be similar to the famous Red Lobster biscuits.

CopyKat Recipes
Stephanie's great collection of restaurant and copycat recipes.

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