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Cranberry Recipes and Links

Cranberry recipes and links. From muffins and cranberry relish to main dish and salad recipes.
  1. Cranberry Breads & Muffins (19)
  2. Cranberry Relish Recipes (18)
  3. Cranberry Salad Recipes (5)

Cranberry Pear Sauce with Ginger
This cranberry sauce is nicely flavored with the addition of crystallized ginger and chopped fresh pears.

Apple Cranberry Crisp With Oat Topping
Apple cranberry crisp with a cinnamon brown sugar oat topping. This is a mouthwatering apple crisp recipe with the wonderful tart flavor of fresh cranberries.

Crockpot Cranberries - Easy Crockpot Cranberry Sauce
Easy crockpot cranberry sauce, made with fresh cranberries, sugar, and water.

Cranberry Cornmeal Torte
Recipe for a cornmeal torte with cranberries and whipped cream.

Candied Cranberries - Cranberry Reciep with Sugar, Baked
Candied cranberries are baked whole cranberries with sugar. Easy candied cranberries.

Cranberry Pie - Cranberry Cream Pie Recipe with Pecans and Cranberry Sauce
Orange Jello helps this cranberry cream pie firm up. Cranberry pie with whipped cream and pecans and orange jello.

Apple Cranberry Pie
This pie is made with cranberries, chopped apples, and pineapple. A 2-crust apple cranberry pie.

Apple Cranberry Crisp
Are you looking for a delicious apple crisp recipe? This is a recipe for an apple cranberry crisp made with fresh apples and cranberries and a crispy and buttery oat topping.

Cranberry Apple Crisp
This cranberry apple crisp is topped with a combination of oats, butter, cinnamon, flour, and pecans.

Cranberry Baked Ham
This cranberry baked ham is made with cubed ham, butter, sugar, cranberries, orange rind, and seasonings.

Cranberry Cake with Vanilla Sauce
This cranberry cake is baked in a pie plate. Serve cranberry cake warm with vanilla sauce.

Cranberry Cornmeal Torte
A festive dessert for the holidays.

Cranberry Orange Butter
Use this cranberry orange butter as a spread for nut bread or other quick breads and muffins, or use as topping for pancakes or waffles.

Cranberry-Apple Turkey Breast Recipe, Crockpot
Whole cranberry sauce and stuffing crumbs are cooked with turkey breast cutlets, chopped apple, and other ingredients.

Heidi's Barbecue Crockpot Meatballs
Easy crockpot meatballs made with purchased frozen meatballs, cranberry sauce, and chili sauce.

Cranberry Orange Pork Chops
In this recipe, pork chops are cooked in the skillet with a mixture of oranges and cranberries. These skillet pork chops are a cinch to prepare and enjoy!

Pork Chops with Dressing
Cranberry sauce flavors the dressing in these well-seasoned baked pork chops. Use nice thick pork chops to make this easy recipe.

Slippery Run Tea
Made with cranberry juice, cinnamon, honey, ginger, and tea.

Cranberries - Baking
A nice variety of recipes from Carroll Pellegrinelli.

Hot Buttered Cranberry Toddy
This warm and welcoming hot drink is unusual, but makes delicious use of seasonal cranberries. It's a welcome change from hot cider or other common hot beverages.

Cranberry Gingersnap Ice Cream Pie
This delicious blend of flavors and textures combine to make a crunchy yet smooth pie. It is a brilliant red color, and when cut the contrasting white ice cream and golden gingersnap crust are visually pleasing.

Cranberry Cornucopia
This article contains helpful and fascinating information about the little red berry known as cranberry. It is versatile and healthful, and a major part of winter holiday celebrations.

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