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Slow Cooker Beef Recipes with Wine

This is a list of some of our very best recipes for beef slow cooked with wine. From stews and short ribs to pot roasts and beef Burgundy, you're sure to find a recipe here.

Slow Cooker Boneless Beef Short Ribs
These amazing, tender beef short ribs make a wonderful everyday meal. The boneless beef ribs include mushrooms and a little red wine in the delicious gravy.

Savory Slow Cooker Short Ribs
These delicious short ribs are slow cooked to perfection with a mixture of chopped vegetables and red wine. Serve these delicious short ribs with mashed potatoes for a fabulous meal! I used boneless ribs, but feel free to use bone-in, just adjust amounts accordingly.

Simple Slow Cooker Sirloin Tips
Sirloin tips or beef tips are super-easy to prepare and cook in the slow cooker. Serve these delicious sirloin tips over rice or noodles.

Slow Cooker Short Ribs Burgundy
These delicious boneless short ribs get loads of flavor from red wine and beef broth mixed with packaged gravy mix.

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs
These meaty beef short ribs are browned then slow cooked to perfection with a wonderful red wine sauce. Use a good quality dry red wine in this recipe, along with fresh vegetables.

Easy Slow Cooker Short Ribs With Red Wine
These delicious, melt-in-your-mouth beef short ribs are easy to prepare and cook in the slow cooker. A short ribs recipe to make in the slow cooker.

Braised Short Ribs With Leeks and Carrots
Short ribs braised in the slow cooker with carrots, leeks, and red wine, delicious short ribs recipe. Beef short ribs for the slow cooker.

Kristie's Beef Burgundy
This is a tender and delicious beef pot roast, a beef burgundy recipe from Kristie. It's super easy!

Easy Crockpot Beef Casserole
A little red wine goes in this easy and convenient stewed beef for the slow cooker.

Saucy Beef and Noodles
Red wine and red wine vinegar help flavor this tasty top round dish, along with a variety of seasonings. Serve over hot cooked noodles for a fabulous meal.

Beef Stew with Red Wine
This is a shortcut stew made with cream of mushroom soup and stew beef and onion soup mix. It's an easy beef stew recipe for slow cooker or crockpot.

Beef Bourguignon with Red Wine
This is a classic beef stew made red wine (burgundy or pinot noir) and bacon, plus carrots and garlic. It's a great dish for the slow cooker, nice enough for company.

Beef Tips with Onions
These simple beef tips are made with pearl onions, condensed soups, and red wine. Serve over noodles, mashed potatoes, or hot cooked rice.

Crockpot Beef Burgundy Recipe
Stew beef, bacon, seasonings, and mushrooms are slow cooked to perfection in this classic dish.

Beef Tips & Mushrooms

Onion soup mix, red wine, and condensed soup team up in this slow cooker recipe using stew beef.

Hearty Beef Stew with Mushrooms
Mushrooms, vegetables, and red wine are featured in this tasty beef stew. The stew is thickened with an envelope of gravy mix.

Laura's Beef Stew Recipe
This recipe, shared by Laura, includes red wine, cream of mushroom soup, onion soup mix, stew beef, and mushrooms.

Beef Stew with Rice
This beef stew includes tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, and seasonings. Serve this dish with hot cooked rice for a tasty everyday meal.

Crockpot Deviled Short Ribs
These short ribs are cooked with a German style sauce made with red wine, brown sugar, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce.

Easy Beef Tips with Wine
Tender, delicious sirloin tips are slow cooked to perfection with a tasty sauce. The sauce is made with red wine, beef broth, ketchup, and seasonings.

Pot Roast Burgundy
This is a tender, delicious pot roast slow cooked with mushrooms and red wine.

Home-Style Pot Roast
This is an easy, flavorful pot roast for the slow cooker, shared by Helen D. Ingredients include red wine, garlic, beef chuck, chopped vegetables, and seasonings.

Easy Beef Pot Roast With Vegetables
This pot roast is cooked with rosemary, garlic, carrots, potatoes, red wine, and other ingredients.

Claire's Veal and Peppers
Veal stew meat is cooked with peppers, garlic, red wine, and seasonings.

Slow Cooked Sirloin Tips With Mushrooms
This is a  simple slow cooker recipe with tender, flavorful sirloin tips, red wine, a little beef broth, and mushrooms.

Beef Stew With Red Wine
A classic combination of beef and red wine for the slow cooker.

Veal Pot Roast
This slow cooker veal pot roast is prepared with vegetables, seasonings, and white wine.

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