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Cucumber Recipes

Cucumber recipes, including salads and other cucumber recipes.

Quick Cucumber Pickles
These easy quick pickles are made with cucumber slices, mustard seeds, and a touch of sugar and salt. A fast and easy cucumber pickle recipe to go on sandwiches or with a meal.

Quick Hot and Sweet Cucumber Relish
This is a quick and easy relish to prepare with fresh cucumbers, a little onion, and diced tomato. The relish makes a nice addition to baked, fried, or grilled fish or chicken.

Cucumber Salsa
A combination of diced cucumber, tomatoes, and corn make this a light and flavorful salsa. This delightful summer salsa is seasoned with lime juice, cilantro, and optional jalapeno peppers.

Cucumbers With Dill
This is a simple cucumber salad recipe with chopped fresh dill and cucumber. For best flavor, chill this salad for at least 2 hours before serving.

Cucumber Spread Appetizer Recipe - Cucumber Recipe With Sour Cream
A cucumber spread recipe with sour cream, mayonnaise, and other ingredients. Serve this cucumber dip with crackers or sliced deli meat.

Cucumber Salad Recipe
A cucumber salad with vinegar, dill, sugar, and seasonings.

Cucumber Salad Recipe
This easy cucumber salad recipe makes a nice accompaniment to any meal.

Marinated Cucumber Salad - A Cucumber Salad Recipe
A marinated cucumber salad with vinegar, oil, and seasonings. Cucumber salad recipe with dressing.

Cucumber Sauce Recipe - Recipe for Cucumber Sauce with Sour Cream
This cucumber sauce recipe contains cucumber, green onion, sour cream, and lemon juice. An easy cucumber sauce recipe for fish or salmon patties.

Dad's Creamy Marinated Cucumbers
Dad's creamy cucumber salad is a salad made with cucumbers, mayonnaise, a little sugar, and onions. A delicious cucumber salad recipe

Cucumber Recipe - Cucumbers Marinated with Vinegar and Dill
Cucumbers with a marinade of vinegar, water, dill, sugar, and seasoning. Marinated cucumbers recipe.

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