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Drying and Curing Food

Resources with information on drying and curing a variety of foods, including recipes and safety links.

Beef Jerky Recipe
Beef jerky recipe from Eileen.

Beef Jerky Recipe or Turkey Jerky Recipe
Beef jerky recipe from our forum, or use this recipe to make turkey jerky. A beef jerkey recipe.

Drying Chives
Drying chives outdoors, in the oven, or using a dehydrator.

Drying Dill
Good article on drying dill outdoors, in the oven, or a dehydrator.

Drying Herbs
How to prepare and dry herbs outdoors or in the microwave.

Salting Fish
General information on salt-preserving fish.

Sausage Recipes
Huge archive of recipes for homemade sausage, along with sausage supplies.

Smoking Fish
Instructions for smoking and storing smoked fish.

When is it Dry Enough?
Help for determining dryness.

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